Peninsula High School Senior Makes ‘PEN15’ Senior T-Shirts

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High school senior and Redditor CairoSmith will be graduating from Palos Verdes Peninsula High in Los Angeles County.

To help celebrate the culmination of 12 years of public education, CairoSmith asked his school if they would allow him to create T-shirts. The school said “yes.”

Unfortunately for the school, they are in for quite a surprise as CairoSmith is a master of wordplay and probably had this T-shirt idea in the works for quite some time.

To some, “WE ARE PEN15” might just refer to a shortening of “Peninsula” and “2015.”

But to those familiar with the schoolyard prank, it refers to the “PEN15 Club” or “PENIS Club” that so many gullible children fell for after being asked to join.

Which makes the addendum of “Biggest Around” at the bottom of the T-shirt all the more hilarious.

Good work, CairoSmith.

We look forward to reading about your banning from graduation in a national news story … but it’s probably worth it.




This was actually from Peninsula High School in California, not Washington.

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