WATCH: Lady Assaults Man in Front of Police Officer

It’s the worst argument you’ll ever see with the worst cast of characters, but somehow it went viral.

Meet the crazy woman with the world’s most annoying voice, the bike rider who just couldn’t go away, and the off-duty police offer who should just enjoy his day off.

They all deserve each other.

Anyway, what happens is the crazy lady is upset at the bicyclist for riding on the sidewalk, so she decides to throw liquid from a cup at him.

An off-duty police officer witness the event and enters the ring, too.

What ensues is worse than arguing on the Internet. But go ahead and watch and laugh at these people and pray they don’t reproduce.

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lol…. yet, that hipster is definitely a douche.
But he looks like an angel compare to that lady.
And, for once, I actually feel sorry for a NYC cop.

All this to say: if you want others to respect all laws, you should probably respect them first.


If only the punk on the bike began with sorry
Older people believe in doing the right thing
He’s a twat


Yes this could have been totally averted, the guy on the bike was in the wrong and for being singled out started to give the lady some push back, sidewalks are for walking not for bikes, so are the stop signs which a lot of bikers do not hesitate to run. Anyhow putting the camera in the ladies face does nothing more that provoke her. Sbe was wrong in the end for throwing liquid on him but come on young man move on and quit giving the older ladies such a hard time especially when she was right from the start.

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