WATCH: Crow Says ‘F*ck You’

A wild crow that frequents a DMV may have picked up some of the foul language spat by unhappy government customers.

While a man waits on a bench outside, an inquisitive bird comes up and interacts with the man. Eventually the crow hops up next to him, looks at him, and states very clearly, “Fuck you.”

In case you’re surprised, crows are natural mimickers, like parrots.

According to the American Society of Crows and Ravens:

If [a crow] is caged, (e.g., is injured, so can’t be released), they will begin to “talk,” or mimic. They do it quite well, with potential vocabularies large or larger than parrots. They learn by repetition.

While this particular crow is obviously uncaged, it must hang around the DMV a lot to hear such filth.

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