WATCH: Hong Kong Girlfriend Reacts to Giant Spider in Australia

Hong Kong girlfriend reacts to first big spider in Australia…Hong Kong girlfriend has funny experience with first huge spider in Australia. Hilarious. Her working holiday visa wasn't as expected. Hong Kong girlfriend reacts to first big spider in Australia…2014-10-07T11:31:53.000Z

A girlfriend visiting her boyfriend’s hometown in Australia for the first time got the shock of her life when she came upon a huntsman spider in the kitchen sink. Huntsman spiders, AKA giant crab spiders, are common in Australia and are easily identified by people because they grow to be ginormous.

In fact, the one in the video abvoe isn’t even that big.

It’s a sad story, though, because huntsman are perfectly harmless and are actually good for people because they eat nuisant insects like flies and cockroaches.

R.I.P., Spider-Bro.

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