WATCH: Rapper Gets Blown Into Ocean During Photoshoot

Florida rapper "Presto Flo" falls off of seawall during photo shoot.Photo shoot in Clearwater Florida does not end well… Rap artist Presto Flo slipped off of a seawall during a photo shoot on a very windy day in Clearwater Florida reaching for his hat. Presto suffered very deep cuts on his hand and shin because he landed on an oyster bed. We took him straight…2014-11-01T20:58:18.000Z

A wannabe rapper filming himself during a photoshoot in Clearwater, Florida, got a slice of humble pie served by Mother Nature when a gust of wind sent him tumbling into the ocean.

Luckily the rapper was not seriously injured and just cut up his hand on an oyster bed.

Redditors were more than amused, however, dubbing the rapper a multitude of wind-related rap names like Lil’ Breezy, Young Gust, Chris Blown, and Puff Daddy.

Comments also centered on how the photographer does not look qualified to be a photographer with his camera-holding style.

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