WATCH: ‘¿Mueranse o Mueransen?’ New Viral Spanish Joke

It’s apparently an old joke to play on teachers in Spanish-speaking countries, but for a new generation, everything old is new again.

It begins simple enough, “¿Profe, como se dice ‘mueranse’ o ‘mueransen’?” Which means, “Professor, how do you say ‘drop dead’?” But in Spanish, the two endings of ‘se’ or ‘sen’ are different depending upon how many people are being address. For a single person, ‘se’ is the correct ending for ‘mueranse.’ For multiple people, ‘meuransen.’

Unfortunately, when the professor responds, “Mueranse” it’s also a command in Spanish to “drop dead.”

Hence the entire glass drops dead.

It’s elementary fun at it’s best.

According to a Latin American Redditor who weighed in, a similar joke in Spanish is:

There’s another one where the students ask the teacher if he/she can move from the blackboard because he is “blocking the view”, which in spanish translates to “Profe, se puede correr?” wich also means if its permited to run in the classroom, so everyone starts running in circles around the room.

And one Redditor responded:

I feel like we shouldn’t allow Spanish-speaking countries to have nuclear weapons, there’s seems to be a lot of room for miscommunication.

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