WATCH: Magician Gets Out of Speeding Ticket With Magic

Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic!Please watch: "FORGETTING MY CUBES AT THE TODAY SHOW // BEHIND THE SCENES" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- December 5th around 3am I was pulled over doing 42 in a 30 MPH. I told the cop I was coming from a Holiday Party in NYC. He asked why I had all the cards in my car and I…2014-12-06T17:02:50.000Z

Steven Brundage is a magician who was returning home late one night from a holiday party gig in New York City.

He got pulled over by two cops going 42 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

When the officers approached him, they asked him what was with all the stuff in his backseat.

Brundage told them that he was a magician. The officers wanted a magic trick.

Brundage accepted. And got out of a speeding ticket because of it.

Check out his amazing Rubik’s Cube trick above.

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