Gift Ideas for Women: Top 10 Unique Gifts for Her

Surprise the woman on your gift list by getting her something out of the ordinary.

We’ve made these thoughtful selections based on their uniqueness, so it’s pretty probable the person will not already own them!

Here are some of our selections for some one-of-a-kind presents that will make her smile.

Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar

2015 calendars, hot guys with baby animals

This calendar is perfect for the woman in your life.

She will have two of her favorite things- handsome men and adorable animals- greeting her every day in 2015.

Whether she uses it in her kitchen or above her desk, it is certain to make her swoon.

Buy on Amazon for $9.51.

Chalkboard Coasters

women gifts

Whether they live in a shoe-box sized apartment or a Center Hall colonial- everyone needs coasters during a night of drinking.

These, made of slate, let your friends write on them (colored chalk included). Who knows what kinds of messages you will find the next morning!

Buy on Amazon for $9.95.

Foldable Ballet Flats

gift ideas for girlfriend

Pain is beauty and every woman has endured the consequences of a night in high heels.

What better than to have a pair on flat shoes tucked away in your purse?

Buy on Amazon for $9.99.

Quotable Mug

quotable mugs, gifts for women

Everyone from your mother to your bestie will revel in the joy that these inspirational quotes bring.

She will think of you as she is sipping her hot chocolate on the winter days ahead.

Buy on Amazon for $14.95.

Brownie Pan

baking pans

As seen on Shark Tank, this ingenious brownie pan makes every square come out with a chewy edge.

Perfect for the bakers in your life!

Buy on Amazon for $35.95.

The Complete Series of ‘Gilmore Girls’

dvds for women, gifts for women

The endearing show warmed our hearts from from 2000-2007.

Let the woman on your list relive their favorite Lorelai and Rory moments with the entire series.

Buy on Amazon for $66.99.

Sushi Socks

gifts for women, female gifts

For the fashion-forward lady, entertain her with these adorable socks.

Besides, sushi, they are available in foods like cupcakes and smores as well. Yum!

Buy on Amazon for $4.50-$10.00.

‘MWF Seeking BFF’

books for women

Readers will love this memoir about a girl who moves to Chicago as a MWF (Married White Female) and searches for a new best friend.

Buy on Amazon for $12.09.

Curling Iron

curling irons, best curling irons, best gifts for women

Girls love changing up their hairstyles and they can do that with these Hot Tools curling iron.

Buy on Amazon for $34.95.

Creme Brulee Souffle Body Creme

best presents for girls

Although the price seems steep for body lotion, a woman wouldn’t necessarily spend it on herself. That’s where you come in.

We like the Creme Brulee scent best, but there are others like Almond Coconut Milk.

Buy on Amazon for $60.00.