WATCH: Black Instagram Comedian Gets Attacked by Police

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StevoTheMadMan is an Instagram comedian who claims he was approached and attacked by armed police while filming a sketch using fake guns.

The police never were actually on camera, and the entire scenario is suspect. Some have claimed that the ploy is an effort by StevoTheMadMan to gain media attention.

As the cop approaches StevoTheMadMan, he tells him and his friends to get down. The camera then hits the ground.

If you’re wondering as to what the final sketch looks like, watch it below. However, it is insulting to those with special needs.

How To Avoid Getting Robbed ? W/ @love4da_ink @madtemp & @instajustme on Camera.

A video posted by StevoTheMadMan (@stevothemadman1) on Nov 11, 2014 at 6:01am PST