WATCH: 77-Year-Old Grandma Can Lift More Than You

This 77-year-old grandma can lift more than youSee what a day at the gym is like with Willie Murphy, a 77-year-old power lifter and grandmother. Video by Lauren Petracca for the Democrat and Chronicle. For more heartwarming stories of triumph, acts of kindness and special relationships subscribe to Humankind: Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at…2014-11-29T13:36:56.000Z

Willie Murphy is a 77-year-old power lifter.

She got into track and field with a seniors group at age 73 and decided she wanted to get stronger so she started lifting.

Now she competes competitively with the deadlift at 215 pounds. and the power curl at 65 pounds. She weighs only 105 pounds.

Listen to her inspirational wisdom in an interview by Lauren Petracca for The Democrat and Chronicle.

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