Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack: Top Conspiracy Theories

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This morning the headquarters of the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo were attacked by three masked gunmen carrying automatic rifles and a rocket launcher. In the carnage, twelve people were killed including two police officers.

These masked gunmen have now been identified by French authorities as Cherif Kouachi, Said Kouachi, and Hamid Mourad.

Records show that during the attack, the masked men shouted Islamist slogans like the takbir, or “Allahu Akbar.”

But as the world begins to weigh-in, some inconsistencies have come to light as the story grows and a narrative develops.

Conspiracists have begun to pick apart this narrative, or what most people accept as the truth. Here are the top five conspiracy theories surrounding today’s attack in downtown Paris.

1. It Was an Inside Job

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One of the more pervading theories developed is that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was somehow an inside job.

This is because the masked gunmen knew when to attack the newspaper headquarters and get two high-profile targets: Stephane Charbonnier (pen name Charb), editor, and Jean Cabut (pen name “Cabu”), said to be the world’s highest paid cartoonist.

The two now deceased men were slain alongside other staff members during a meeting.

Somehow the Islamist assailants knew when to attack the building when all the important Charlie Hebdo staff would be in the there.

As Redditor club-mate states in a discussion about the topic:

What is interesting is that the newspaper that was attacked had press day that day and all of the important staff were there. So I would say that this was an assassination. These two guys handled the situation like real professionals.

So how did the terrorists know when press day was? It’s currently unknown.

2. It Was a False Flag

charlie hebdo, terrorism, false flag, inside job, conspiracy


In a Reddit thread discussing today’s attack, toneii writes there’s five signs that this was a false flag:

1. timing – shooters are reacting to a comic that was posted 1 hour before the shooting. not enough time for the shooters to find the comic, organize, plan, prepare, map, arm, and dress.
2. The bullet missed the cops head and made a dust could as it ricocheted off the concrete.
3. You don’t shoot down at concrete unless you want to be killed by a ricochet.
4. Military prep, military posture, military movement. this was a practiced attack
5. There are no cars driving by in Paris on a work day.

All five of his theories do make sense except one. Number one, that is.

There’s no verifiable information that states that the gunmen were attacking Charlie Hebdo headquarters for a comic depicting Muhammad that was posted today. The last comic posted by Charlie Hebdo before the attack was a comic depicting ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

This then contradicts that Islamists had ties to Al Qaeda, not ISIS.

Furthermore, staff at the newspaper had been under police protection intermittently in the past and in 2013 Charb was on an Al Qaeda hit list.

Still, watching the video, and how methodical the attack was and the fact that there was no visible traffic in downtown Paris does raise questions.

And as for where the guns were aimed and where the bullets hit when executing the cop (or not executing the cop if you believe in false flag set-ups), you can be that judge of that by watching the video here.

3. The CIA & Mossad are Involved

charlie hebdo, terrorism, false flag, inside job, conspiracy


You can’t explore false flag theory without bringing up secret agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA or the Mossad of Israel.

What conspiracists are most comparing today’s attack to is the 2008 Mumbai attacks, of which a popular theory gained ground that the CIA and Mossad were somehow behind the terrorism.

If you don’t remember, the Mumbai attacks were a series of twelve coordinated attacks in late November 2008. You may best remember the attack on the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower or the attack on the Nariman House, a Jewish community center. In this four day siege of terrorism, 166 people were killed.

On the subject, the Times of India reports:

“The terrorists came at least some time before [11/26.] They created a hub in Nariman House. Neighbours have said that they noticed the presence of some strangers a few days before the attack,” said the well-known Urdu journalist in an effort to link the Mumbai attacks to a conspiracy involving Jews. Nariman House is owned by a Jewish sect. According to him, terrorists ordered large amounts of mutton and other provisions to last for several days.

He also added that it was impossible to stash such arms and ammunition in the Taj Hotel without having checked in for some time. “Why isn’t the guest list being checked. The terrorists would have received some support from within the hotel,” he said.

It’s worth remembering that in today’s attack, automatic rifles and a rocket launcher were used by the gunmen. How these men obtained military grade assault weapons is a mystery.

What world agenda today’s attack is pushing is a mystery, but it wouldn’t be the first time that secret government organizations have been accused of planning terrorism.

Both American and Israeli governments have a long history of covert operations that border on terrorism.

This is a developing story and conspiracists are conspiring as we speak. It will be updated again soon. Please check back, or comment below on what theories you have.

4. Perpetual War

charlie hebdo, terrorism, false flag, inside job, conspiracy


While there may be no Illuminati, many people do believe that there is a secret group of individuals that have a lot of influence on world events. And many people do believe that they sponsor terrorism to help keep the more progressive people of the world in check.

While there are theories that the world powers are behind the rise of ISIS, it’s not hard to believe that these same world powers are funding ideological groups like Al Qaeda and other jihadists, too.

Fear is a big driver for war. And war makes people rich. Terrorism is a great way to justify war.

It could even be argued World War I instigator Gavrilo Princip was a terrorist when he shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

So what could the secret world powers be up to? Read below.

5. Yemen

charlie hebdo, terrorism, false flag, inside job, conspiracy

Yemen, Sana’a, old town at sunset (Getty)

It’s been revealed that Cherif Kouachi, Said Kouachi, and Hamid Mourad have Yemeni terrorist connections.

While if this is true or not, establishing this in the media means that all eyes will be on Yemen now.

What could the world want with Yemen?

Read this report from January 5, 2010 titled The Yemen Hidden Agenda: Behind the Al-Qaeda Scenarios, A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint from the Center of Research on Globalization, courtesy of InfoWars:

The strategic significance of the region between Yemen and Somalia becomes the point of geopolitical interest. It is the site of Bab el-Mandab, one of what the US Government lists as seven strategic world oil shipping chokepoints. The US Government Energy Information Agency states that “closure of the Bab el-Mandab could keep tankers from the Persian Gulf from reaching the Suez Canal/Sumed pipeline complex, diverting them around the southern tip of Africa. The Strait of Bab el-Mandab is a chokepoint between the horn of Africa and the Middle East, and a strategic link between the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean.” [9]

An excuse for a US or NATO militarization of the waters around Bab el-Mandab would give Washington another major link in its pursuit of control of the seven most critical oil chokepoints around the world, a major part of any future US strategy aimed at denying oil flows to China, the EU or any region or country that opposes US policy. Given that significant flows of Saudi oil pass through Bab el-Mandab, a US military control there would serve to deter the Saudi Kingdom from becoming serious about transacting future oil sales with China or others no longer in dollars, as was recently reported by UK Independent journalist Robert Fisk.

In addition to its geopolitical position as a major global oil transit chokepoint, Yemen is reported to hold some of the world’s greatest untapped oil reserves. Yemen’s Masila Basin and Shabwa Basin are reported by international oil companies to contain “world class discoveries.”[10] France’s Total and several smaller international oil companies are engaged in developing Yemen’s oil production. Some fifteen years ago I was told in a private meeting with a well-informed Washington insider that Yemen contained “enough undeveloped oil to fill the oil demand of the entire world for the next fifty years.” Perhaps there is more to Washington’s recent Yemen concern than a rag-tag al Qaeda whose very existence as a global terror organization has been doubted by seasoned Islamic experts.

Have you noticed how cheap oil is recently?

The men behind oil production are losing money as the United States and other industrialized countries see a near surplus of it.

By invading Yemen to “root out Al Qaeda”, corporations will be able to lay claim to Yemeni lands with oil and be able to dictate the market even more.

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