WATCH: Christian Mom Mad at School Bus With Pentagram Tail Lights

Slow news day for Memphis’ Action News 5?

Must have been.

A story about Robyn Wilkins, a Christian mother from Cordova, Tennessee, recently aired on the news channel.

Apparently Wilkins was driving behind a school bus when she noticed that the tail lights, when lit up, happened to resemble a pentagram.

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A pentagram is used by other religions, sometimes described as occultist, as their symbol. These religions usually fall under pagan and wiccan categories, which Christians proclaim to be satanic.

Whatever the case, Wilkins and the pious people of Cordova should be applauded. They didn’t kill anybody over their religious beliefs being offended, but instead humbly made themselves the topic of satire for the internet.

The school board, thankfully, had no comment about Wilkins’ pareidolia.

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