Chinese New Year 2015: Top 5 Best Drinking Games

chinese new year, lunar new year, drinking game, ideas, rules


It’s the Chinese New Year and it’s the Year of the Goat! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with these fun drinking games with rules provided.

Don’t know what the Chinese New Year is all about? We’ve got information for you! Don’t know what a Lunar New Year is? We have information on that, too!

But really you’re probably just looking for a reason to party, so scroll down to see the best drinking game ideas for the Chinese New Year. And please remember to drink responsibly, know your limit, and never drive afterwards.

1. Common Jiuling (Need Dice, 2+ People)

chinese new year, lunar new year, drinking game, ideas, rules


Common Jiuling doesn’t take much effort.

Get a pair of dice, guess what number they will roll, and roll them. If you’re wrong, drink.

3. Finger Guessing (Need Fingers, 2+ People)

chinese new year, lunar new year, drinking game, ideas, rules


Finger Guessing takes a little more acumen than Common Jiuling.

Travel China Guide explains the rules:

Two people stretch out fingers at the same time while shouting out a number from 2 to 20. If one shouts out a number that is equal to the total number of fingers extended, then he will win, while the person shouts a number that is less, will lose the game and has to take a drink as a punishment. To add to the fun of the game, the players do not just give the numbers but will say a relevant phrase such as ‘two kind brothers’ to represent 2, ‘three stars shining’ (3), ‘making a fortune in four seasons’ (4), and so on.

3. A Little Bee (2+ People)

chinese new year, lunar new year, drinking game, ideas, rules


A Little Bee is an interesting game that can take some getting used to but it’s very similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors. Kaleidoscope Cultural China writes:

Chinese have their own version of the”rock, paper, scissors” game. It is a game for two. First, the players sing a little verse: “Liangzhi xiao mifeng ya, fei dao huacong zhong ya, fei ya” (two little bees fly to the flowers, and fly). After singing, each player imitates either a rock, paper or scissors with his/her hand. The winner (the one who showed a sign that beats the other player’s sign’)must pretend to slap the other player, while saying “Pya Pya.” The loser must pretend to be slapped, while saying “Ah Ah!.,If both people show the same sign, they pretend to kiss, while saying ”Mua Mua.” Of course, this has to be done as quickly as possible. The first to say the wrong sentence or does thewrong action must take a drink.

To add more fun, replace the pretending with real slaps and real kisses. Not too painful and not too intimate, though.

4. Seven (2+ People)

Another Kaleidoscope Cultural China drinking game suggestion is “Seven.” You play Seven by sitting in a circle counting, but skipping over “seven”—so six goes right to eight—because seven is considered bad luck. But it gets harder. Multiples of seven also have to be avoided, so 14, 21, 28, and so on.

Every time somebody screws up, they drink and the game starts back at 1.

5. Drinking Heads Up! (3+ People)

Items: Phone with Heads Up! app, cup of booze or beer

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Heads Up! is an app developed by Ellen DeGeneres that can be purchased on both iOS and Android.

You can watch Ellen show you how to play Heads Up! above. To make it a drinking game, simply add taking a drink when somebody gets it wrong. If you have more than three people, teams can be formed.

To make it a Chinese New Year game, simply purchase the “Build Your Own” deck option and build a deck with references to this most bacchanal of holidays. Suggestions include: Year of the Goat, dragon, martial arts, and more!