Friday the 13th 2015: The Top 5 Drinking Games

friday the 13th, friday the thirteenth, history, 2015


Today is Friday the 13th, the first Friday the 13th of 2015.

The day is marked by superstitious belief, and fear of the thirteenth even has its own phobia name called “triskaidekaphobia.”

There’s no real agreed upon historical reason how or why Friday the 13th became such a cultural phenomenon, especially in the United States, but there are clues. Guesses range from biblical lore to suggestions put forth by Dan Brown in the The Da Vinci Code. However, it really didn’t became a staple in folklore until the 19th century.

To find out more about the history of Friday the 13th, click here. Otherwise, read on for the drinking games.

Please remember to drink responsibly, know your limit, and never, under any circumstance, drink and drive.

1. Friday the 13th Movie (1+ People)

friday the 13th, friday the thirteenth, history, 2015


Here are the official rules to play along to any Friday the 13th film. Rules provided by Camp Blood:

Drink every time:
someone dies
you hear the ki ki ki ma ma ma sound
the killer jumps out unexpectedly
someone gets naked
someone finds a body
someone says “Jason”
someone smokes (pot or cigarettes)
someone drinks booze
a curse is mentioned

2. Scream Movie (1+ People)

Scream is another classic scary movie to watch on Friday the 13th. Here are the rules to play thanks to DrinkWiki:

One sip
When a telephone rings.
Every time someone gets killed.
Every time someone screams.
Everytime Ghostface gets hit.
Everytime Ghostface wipes his knife clean.
Whenever Sidney’s mother (Maureen Prescott) is mentioned.
For every beer Tatum throws at Ghostface.
Whenever someone hits Stu.
Every time Stu cries like a little girl.
Whenever anything is thrown at Randy.
For every time Dewey says or does anything stupid.
Whenever anyone insults Dewey.
Each time Gale insults Kenny.
For every time someone insults/attacks Gale.
For each pop culture reference made.

Two sips
Whenever someone gets stabbed.
Every time Billy pauses for thought, looking like Johnny Depp.
Everytime Kenny (the Cameraman) is eating.
When someone breaks the “rules”.
For each “fake scare” (ie. Billy in the window).
If any character refers a horror movie by name.
When Sidney uses her computer.
Stu leaves a room backwards.

Three sips
Whenever you see Ghostface in town, and no-one else notices.
If you notice the extra in the video store who gets pissed off at Randy.
If the phone rings, and it’s not Ghostface.
A reporter (other than Gale) gets a real line.
Whenever someone uses the telephone as a weapon.
For each suspect red herring (Principal with the mask, etc…)
If you see Wes Craven’s cameo appearance.
If you see Linda Blair’s cameo appearance.
When “Red Right Hand” (by Nick Cave) is played.
Cotton Weary (Liev Schrieber) makes an appearance.

3. Drinking Heads Up! (3+ People)

Ellen and Kaley Cuoco Play 'Heads Up!'It's Ellen's awesome new app, and who better to play it with than Kaley Cuoco? Check out this hilarious round of "Animals Gone Wild" right here, and get "Heads Up!" for your iPhone or iPad, here!

Heads Up! is an app developed by Ellen DeGeneres that can be purchased on both iOS and Android.

You can watch Ellen show you how to play above. To make it a drinking game, simply add taking a drink when somebody gets it wrong. If you have more than three people, teams can be formed.

To make it a Friday the 13th game, simply purchase the “Build Your Own” deck option and build a deck with references to this most superstitious of holidays. Suggestions include: “triskaidekaphobia”, “Jason Voorhees”, or “black cat.”

4. Flip Cup (4+ People)

How to Play Flip CupWatch more Bar Games videos: It goes by many names, but flip cup is the mother of all team drinking games. Bottoms up! Step 1: Divide into teams Divide the number of players evenly into two teams and line them up along the table. Warning Do not play flipcup in your mother's formal dining room. The table—and the floor—are going to get wet. Step 2: Fill cups w/ beer Place a cup in front of each player and fill it about a 1/3 of the way with beer. Everyone should have the exact same amount. Step 3: First member chugs beer Starting at one end of the table, the first member of each team chugs his beer. Step 4: Player tries to flip cup As soon as the cup is empty, the player puts it face up on the edge of the table and—using only one hand—tries to flip it over so it lands face down. Tip Make sure a little bit of the cup is hanging off the end of the table. Step 5: Take turns Once a player has successfully flipped his cup, the player next to him can begin his turn—and so on down the line. Step 6: Winner The first team to flip all the cups is the winner. The prize? Well, flipcup virtue is its own reward. Did You Know? Flip Cup is a part of the invitation-only Beer Olympics, held annually in Illinois.2009-02-25T16:06:44.000Z

If you don’t know how to play flip cup, it’s very easy to learn and can be played with lots of people if you’re having a party.

Check out the minute-long video above with a quick how-to explanation.

5. Flip, Sip or Strip

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This game explanation can get a little long-winded, so we’ll let the pros explain:

Flip a coin and while it is in the air, call heads or tails. If you guess right, pass the coin to your right. If you guess wrong, pass the coin to your left and either take one article of clothing off (anything that is a pair counts as one item) or take a drink.

If you guess right, you can choose to flip again. Another successful guess lets you pass the coin to anyone of your choosing. A wrong guess has normal consequences.

If you guess right three times in a row, you may retrieve an article of clothing and put it back on. The coin is then passed to your right.

The only other rule is lousy coin tosses need to be re-tossed.

Have fun!