Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him 2015: Best Last-Minute Ideas

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It’s Valentine’s Day already and you still haven’t gotten your man a gift? It’s okay. We have tons of ideas for great gifts, thoughtful date ideas, and more. Before we get into the gifts, here’s some last-minute ideas for dates if you haven’t come up with any ideas for your man yet. One idea that doubles as a gift is just finding a local hotel with rooms available, booking it for the night and creating an indoor picnic. Order a movie on the TV and have a movie night as well. You can fill the room with candles for a romantic touch, lay a blanket down and bring his favorite foods. Another simple idea is to make a candlelit dinner at home and buy tickets to a romantic movie that’s playing in the local theater. And, if you plan on sending out some ECards to your Valentine, click here to check out some free and easy choices. Now let’s move on to some last-minute gift ideas for your man below:

– Book a romantic trip or overnight getaway for you and your man. If you want it as a surprise for Valentine’s Day, you can either book it for that day or just present the plans as a gift if the date is far off. Jump on Expedia, Orbitz or any site that’s good for booking trips and you’re set.

– Buy your man a 3-month membership to a Vodka of the month club. The three-month is $209.85, but you can book a six-month or more membership if you choose. If your man is a Vodka drinker, he’ll definitely love this idea. Click here to purchase or check it out.

– Bake your cookies and candies instead. Sometimes, when you go to the store last-minute for Valentine’s day, all the good chocolates and cookies are gone. Make your own at home and wrap them up nicely as a sweet DIY gift. He’ll still get something sweet for the holiday and your making the treats yourself shows thoughtfulness.

– You’ve heard of ECards for your Valentines, why not get them and E-Gift Card? Check out the Gift Card Mall by clicking here. There are hundreds of gift cards to choose from for places including but not limited to Keurig, Amazon, different movie theaters, Facebook Games, Golden Nugget hotels, golf websites, and Spotify.

– This one is an easy idea. Put on some sexy lingerie, chill a bottle of wine, and put of some music to set the mood. He should be more than satisfied with this as a gift.

– Buy your man a one-hour private lesson with a golf pro for $129.00. You can purchase it online by clicking here. This is the perfect gift if your significant other enjoys playing golf.