Top 5 Best SAT Test Prep Books

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Taking the SAT is always stressful. It can take months of studying and strategizing to get a perfect score. For any teen who is college-bound, it is important to take the test seriously and get the highest grade possible. According to the College Board, the last three chances to take the SAT in the United States during 2015 will be at the test dates on March 14, May 2, and June 6.

Whether you’re preparing to take the SAT for the first time, or you want to re-take the test and get a higher score, the following books can help you perfect your test-taking skills. With these books, your chances of getting into your dream school are definitely going to improve. We’ll highlight five great books for SAT prep below, as well as strategies for those who plan to take both the current version of the SAT and the new version of the test that will debut in 2016.

1. Kaplan SAT 2015 Strategies, Practice and Review with 5 Practice Tests

sat test prep books


Kaplan’s 2015 book on SAT strategy includes five different practice tests (including one full-length online exam.) This gives you ample opportunity to take mock tests, and get comfortable with the format of the test. If you have test anxiety, these practice tests can be a lifesaver. For each practice question, you can look up detailed answers to see where you went wrong. In addition, the book contains strategies from Kaplan students who got a perfect score on their SAT, which might help you to replicate their successes.

In addition to the book itself, there is an online study component as well. This makes this SAT study course ideal for studying in all kinds of situations. For added versatility, you can also incorporate Kaplan’s SAT study flashcards into your SAT study routine.

Price: $15.25

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2. SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

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(SAT Prep Black Book)

The Black Book is designed to be the strategic counterpoint to the information in the official College Board “Blue Book” of SAT prep questions. The Blue Book provides the practice questions to use during at-home mock tests, while the Black Book features the secret strategies of Mike Barrett, a SAT tutor with clients all over the globe. Whether you are aiming for a perfect score, or you are trying to meet the minimum possible score to secure that sports scholarship, this is a helpful book for any high school student.

Price: $16.97

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3. SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps

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(SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps)

Author Shaan Patel received a perfect score on his SAT, and his book helps today’s students follow in his footsteps. This book includes his actual SAT essay, as well as 15 math strategies that you can apply to the test. In addition, the book outlines the WYPAD strategy for reading portions of the SAT. A high SAT score opens all kinds of doors, from admission to Ivy League schools and huge scholarships, to the ability to start your own business teaching others how you aced the test.

Price: $14.81

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4. Barron’s SAT, 27th Edition

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Barron’s is another of the leading guidebooks to beating the SAT. This book includes five full-length practice tests, as well as study advice and a breakdown of how the test is scored so you can answer questions more strategically. The purchase of the book also entitles you to free access of Barron’s Online SAT Course. This will give you a personalized study plan, a diagnostic test to assess your current skill level, and video lessons that help you grasp difficult concepts. There’s even an online course component that will estimate your projected score.

Price: $14.88

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5. SAT Prep Book 2015: SAT Study Guide and Practice Test Questions

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(SAT Prep Book 2015)

Can’t afford private tutoring for the SAT? This book might be the next best thing. The SAT Prep Book 2015 has been written by professional SAT tutors, and the style and tone are designed to mimic the experience a student would get in a private coaching session. It’s also thinner than most SAT prep books, so you can get through it faster. The authors say the book is thinner because it lacks the “filler and fluff” of other SAT prep guides.

Price: $17.99

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A Note on the New SAT for 2016

If you are studying for the SAT in 2015, but aren’t going to take the test until 2016, you will need a slightly different approach to your test prep. In early 2016, the format of the test will change. For help prepping for that version of the test, check out the College Board’s Official Study Guide for the New SAT. This book will be released in June, but you can pre-order it now. This book is a good investment to pair with any existing SAT prep book that references the current version of the test.

In some cases, students will opt to take both the existing test and the new version of the test. You can learn more about the redesigned SAT on the College Board website. According to their FAQ, you will be able to take both the 2015 and 2016 versions of the test, and use whatever score is highest to apply to college. Some schools will require you to send all scores you have ever received while taking the SAT.

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