Germanwings 9525 Plane Crash: Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

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(Michael Schlesinger/Flickr)

Germanwings flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps on March 24, killing all 150 on board. Black box audio implies it was intentionally done by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz after he locked out pilot Patrick Sonderheimer, who had exited the cockpit to use the bathroom.

Here are the top 5 conspiracy theories currently circulating the internet:

1. It Was an Act of Religious Extremism

andreas lubitz, germanwings flight 9525, crash, suicide, murder, terrorism


Information on the co-pilot Andras Lubitz is limited, but what we do know about him is that he was a German national from Montabaur, Germany who had logged over 600-hours as a co-pilot. He joined Germanwings airlines in September 2013 but had flown privately since at least 2008, when the the United States FAA issued him a student flying license and a private pilot’s license in Arizona.

While his religion remains unconfirmed, in the age of terrorism, speculation is already brewing on the internet that he may have been a radicalized Muslim. Similar speculation followed the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, whose pilot was a confirmed, devout Muslim.

However, despite some Reddit speculation “that the flight deck recorder clearly captured the pilot, a devout Muslim, repeating in Arabic ‘I rely on God'”, this cannot be confirmed. In fact, some online discussion points to Lubitz being Jewish.

Some are even suggesting that Lubitz wanted to punish Germany for the Holocaust.

2. It Was a Non-Religious Mass Suicide

andreas lubitz, germanwings flight 9525, crash, suicide, murder, terrorism

According to the FAA, Lubitz, seen here in San Francisco in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, had received a U.S.-issued student flying license in 2010.

Andreas Lubitz. (Twitter)

Other theories surround that religion had nothing to do with Lubitz’s murder-suicide motive at all.

It has happened previously with SilkAir flight 185 and EgyptAir flight 990.

Both flights were murder-suicides carried out by the pilots and killed 97 and 217 respectfully, however their airline host countries still deny that this was the case despite all evidence pointing to it.

In fact, both Germanwings flight 9525 and EgyptAir flight 990 follow a similar flight trajectory before being purposefully crashed.

andreas lubitz, germanwings flight 9525, crash, suicide, murder, terrorism


andreas lubitz, germanwings flight 9525, crash, suicide, murder, terrorism


3. American On Board Was a Target

One of three American victims on board, Yvonne Selke, was a Pentagon contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, a security and defense contractor for intelligence agencies. Some claim that she may have been a target.

However, in a discussion about the topic, even conspiracists admit it’s farfetched.

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