Best St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts to Wear to a Bar or Pub Crawl

Here are some funny t-shirts for St. Patrick’s Day that will sure to break the ice and get laughs at the bars and pub crawls you’ll be attending.

They are all available to order on Amazon just in time for the holiday on March 17.

I Shamrock Beer

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Proclaim your love for the alcoholic beverage with this ringer tee. Just be sure not to spill any on your new shirt!

Buy it for $10.95.

So This Irishman Walks Out of a Bar… No Really, It Can Happen

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This cheeky punchline will definitely get you noticed as you’re heading in or out of the bars. Why not laugh about your shenanigans with friends and strangers alike?

Buy it for $16.99.

Kiss Me I’m Irish…ish

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Share the sentiment on this one with the people you encounter on St. Patrick’s Day. Hopefully you’ll get a kiss by letting your shirt do the asking.

Buy it on Amazon for $16.99.

Irish You Were Beer

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Remind those you’ll meet on your travels that they’re subpar to your favorite drink with this shirt.

Buy it for $14.95.

Irish Today Hungover Tomorrow

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Predict the future- or the morning after St. Patrick’s Day- with the truthful tee. Your drinking buddies will be sure to share the sentiment.

Buy it for $16.99.

Lucky Charms

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Celebrate the magically delicious day with this cute accessory.

Buy it for $18.28.

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Buy a women’s version for $19.94.

Hug Me for Luck

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If you don’t want to be kissed, opt for a hug instead. See how many you can get throughout the day wearing this.

Buy it for $19.99.

Ginger Pride

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Redheads everywhere can unite with this tee.

Buy it for $14.99.

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