Top 10 Best April Fools’ Web Pranks of 2015

Another year, another opportunity for the world's biggest companies to prove they're not faceless corporations and they have all have a sense of humor 'cause they're just like me and you. So here at Heavy we've collated the best of the 2015 crop for you to LOL at.

We begin this year with the Kimsicle which is brought to you by Brit ice-cream makers The Licktators. According to the company, the treat, which is available from April 1st, has special ingredients to give women a boost in their posterior a la Kim Kardashian. Licktators' website quotes a Dr Sophie Leitman who says, "Ingredients like phytoestrogen could certainly boost hormone levels which, if the woman’s body is receptive to change, could lead to a big boost in the size of the posterior. Ice cream is cooling, so tones the skin, and the whipping cream contains valuable moisturizing properties."


Here is the rest of the best from April 2015.