Top 10 Best Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

unique mothers day gifts

Every mom is special. So why do so many of us fall into a gift-giving rut every time Mother’s Day rolls around? We scramble for a clever idea, but then end up just getting her the same thing she got last year: flowers, food, or jewelry. If you want to make sure that your mom feels really special, this year’s gift should be unique. We’ve rounded up the most interesting, unusual, and fun gifts for your mom. Whether she loves cooking, jewelry, gadgets, shoes, or perfume, we’ve found some unexpected twists on classic gifts that she’s sure to love. Plus, these cool gifts will really stand out from the boring gifts your siblings picked out this year. Read on to see our favorite unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2015. Want more great gift ideas? Check out our post on the best gifts for women.

1. Wine & New Wine Glasses

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If mom loves unwinding at the end of the day with a little glass of merlot, new wine glasses are a great Mother’s Day gift. Of course, it’s only natural to pair those new glasses with a bottle (or three) of interesting wine.

For the glasses, we recommend Govino’s flexible, shatterproof tumblers. They have a small depression on one side, which is a great place for mom to rest her thumb or forefinger while she drinks. These tumblers may not be super-fancy, but they’re a nice choice for older moms who need a glass that’s easy to hold and easy to take care of.

For the wine, Mad Housewife is a cute choice for Mother’s Day. The company’s “Better Than Flowers” mixed pack comes with three bottles of wine: merlot, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon. The labels are cute, and the wine inside is quite tasty. Please note that not all states allow you to purchase alcohol online, so read the fine print before you place your order. If you need more gift ideas for the wine aficionado in your life, check out our guide to the best cheap red wine.

Price: $14.95 for a set of four glasses, $34.98 for a mixed three-pack of wine

Buy the Govino wine glasses here.

Buy the Mad Housewife “Better Than Flowers” Mixed Pack here.

2. Hot Chocolate Design’s Mary Jane Flats

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(Hot Chocolate Designs)

These intentionally mismatched shoes from Hot Chocolate Design are super cute, and they’ll also feel great on mom’s tired feet. The inner lining is cushioned for her comfort, while the sole is made from strong rubber that will keep her from slipping on rainy days. If limes aren’t really her thing, she may enjoy some alternate styles, such as butterflies, strawberries, or vintage tattoos.

Price: $59.99-$69.99, depending on size selected

Buy the Hot Chocolate Design’s Mary Jane Flats here.

3. Neuhaus Liqueur Chocolates in Leather Box

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If your mom is anything like my mom, the quickest way to her heart is chocolate. But if you want a unique spin on the classic box of chocolate, go for gourmet chocolates with a little surprise on the inside.

Every chocolate in this gift box is filled with real alcohol, which will leave your mom feeling relaxed and happy. The chocolates are packaged in an elegant leather gift box, which makes this box of candy feel even more special. Boozy fillings include Absolut vodka, Glenfiddich, Cointreau, Havana Club rum, and Remy Martin cognac.

Price: $37

Buy the Neuhaus Liqueur Chocolates in Leather Box here.

4. Fred and Friends ‘One Lump or Two?’ Sugar Bowl

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(Fred and Friends)

For tea-drinking moms with a quirky sense of humor, this “One lump or two?” sugar bowl is a cute home decor item. Pair it with an English Tea Store teapot ($9.97) or a Tea Forte tea sampler ($15). Whatever you do, don’t forget to include sugar cubes.

Price: $13.09 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fred and Friends “One Lump or Two?” Sugar Bowl here.

5. A Fascinating Magazine

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For moms that love to read, a subscription to an interesting magazine is always a smart gift. Ideally, your gift should be a magazine she couldn’t pick up at the newsstand in her neighborhood. Three cool options to consider are Mental Floss, Gastronomica, and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.

Mental Floss is a great choice for moms who love trivia, history, and weird stories. Gastronomica is the perfect gift for moms who idolize Anthony Bourdain, or moms who spend all day watching the Food Network. Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine is a venerable publication that’s all about suspenseful short fiction. It makes the perfect gift for moms who love a good mystery, or moms who just need some beach reads for their summer vacation.

Price: $27.97-$56, depending on magazine selected

Buy a subscription to Mental Floss here.

Buy a subscription to Gastronomica here.

Buy the a subscription to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine here.

6. Jane Stone Dinosaur Necklace

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(Jane Stone)

This unusual necklace is a great gift for moms who are employed as teachers or scientists, or moms who just happen to like bold jewelry. Available in gold-tone or silver-tone metal, this simple necklace looks stunning with a little black dress, or just with a t-shirt and jeans.

Price: $9.39 (81 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Jane Stone Dinosaur Necklace here.

7. THEATRE BOX CBT612 Wireless Speaker

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THEATRE BOX is a wireless speaker from ACEMILE. It’s billed as “the world’s first commercially available portable wireless speaker that delivers a 360-degree 3D surround audio experience.” That’s kind of a mouthful, but essentially what makes this speaker cool is that it sounds equally good to everyone in the room, no matter where they are sitting in relation to the speaker.

Mom will like it because it looks cute, and doesn’t involve any messy wires or complicated set-up. You’ll like it because you can pair with pretty much any device via Bluetooth, making it easy to use when you visit her. The speaker boasts up to 20 hours of playback time, and does not require any apps or Internet connection to work.

Price: $299

Buy the THEATRE BOX CBT612 wireless speaker here.

8. Demeter Perfumes

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Demeter is known for their interesting range of perfumes, from the normal (like jasmine or pink grapefruit) to the eccentric (thunderstorm, grass, or “laundromat“).

But if your mom really loves offbeat perfumes, then two of the best Demeter options are “Tomato” and “Dirt”. These are both great scents for women who love to garden. These also make a fun “fake out” gift to give your mom before you present her with her “real”, big-ticket gift.

Price: $20 and up, depending on scent and size selected

Buy the Demeter Tomato perfume here.

Buy the Demeter Dirt perfume here.

9. Buffalo Bills 25-Piece Sampler Gift Box

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(Buffalo Bills Premium Snacks)

For moms who love spicy food, or moms who are trying to avoid carbs, this quirky gift is simply perfect. This gift box is packed with 25 different types of jerky, including beef, venison, and turkey. When she’s done snacking, she can keep the box, which is actually a rugged tool box that can store her tools, gardening supplies, or other essentials. The tool box itself has two lid organizers, along with a tote tray. Beef jerky might be an unusual gift for Mother’s Day, but it’s a good choice for some moms.

Price: $89.99

Buy the Buffalo Bills 25-Piece Sampler Gift Box here.

10. 10k White Gold and Diamond ‘Mother and Baby Turtle’ Pendant Necklace

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(Amazon Collection)

Turtles are definitely a unique choice for fine jewelry. While they may not be the first style of jewelry you’d think of for Mother’s Day, this charming mother and baby turtle design is actually a great way to symbolize the affection between mother and child. The baby turtle is covered with white diamonds, while elegant black diamonds are sprinkled across the back of the momma turtle. If Mom is socially conscious, she’ll appreciate that the diamonds in this piece come from suppliers who pledge that their gems are conflict-free.

Price: $153.31 (62 percent off MSRP)

Buy the 10k White Gold and Diamond ‘Mother and Baby Turtle’ Pendant Necklace here.

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