Top 10 Best Cool Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and people are starting to scramble for that perfect gift. If you have a whole bunch of siblings, there’s probably a bit of friendly competition among you to see who can get the best gift for your mom. If you’re on the hunt for a cool gift that will impress your whole family, we’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest gifts you can buy for Mother’s Day. Read on to see our cool gift guide for Mother’s Day.

1. Lumo Lift for iOS – Posture and Activity Tracker

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(Lumo BodyTech)

Is your mom recovering from an injury? Does she suffer from back problems? If so, her physical therapist may have told her to be more conscious of her posture. The Lumo Lift wearable is a cool piece of technology that acts as both a fitness tracker and a posture enhancer. Think of it as a Fitbit with benefits. In addition to tracking her daily steps, calories burned, and distance traveled, this wearable device also tracks her posture. A gentle vibration from the sensor lets her know if she’s slouching. By helping your mother sit up straight, she’ll feel healthier and more confident.

Price: $79.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Lumo Lift Posture and Activity Tracker here.

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick

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If Mom has yet to join the streaming TV revolution, this thoughtful gift will help her watch all of her favorite shows (and maybe even find some new ones). There are lots of streaming sticks out there, but we like the Amazon Fire TV Stick because of its voice search capabilities. If Mom’s eyesight isn’t the best, or she just gets frustrated having to spell out every title she wants to search, the voice search makes it easy for her to find the program she wants.

Amazon boasts that the Fire TV Stick has four times the storage and two times the memory of Chromecast, plus a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory. A feature called ASAP (Advanced Streaming And Prediction) is also really cool. The Fire TV Stick monitors a user’s viewing habits and pre-buffers the next episode, so load times are faster. This is great for moms who love to binge watch whole seasons of TV. You can set her up with a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime Instant Video to get her started.

Price: $39

Buy the Fire TV Stick here.

3. Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool

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This uniquely shaped massager is a great way for your mom to work out pains in her back or feet. The shape of this tool ensures she can finally access all those hard to reach places. And if Mom is a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, she might even remember the episode where this massager was featured.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool here.

4. Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

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Has your mom been pining for a visit to a hair removal clinic? She can have that fancy-pants medi-spa experience at home with this professional-style hair removal machine. Special pulses of light are shined on the skin, stopping the growth of hair. After just three treatments, most users will experience six months of hair-free bliss. This technology is FDA cleared and clinically proven, and it’s a cool gift that your mom will appreciate as beach weather approaches.

Price: $213.07 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro here.

5. Wrapables Set of 6 Japanese Washi Masking Tape Collection

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Washi tape is a fun type of Japanese crafting tape. It’s often used to decorate scrapbooks, or personalize home decor items. If your mom is the artsy, DIY type, she’s probably familiar with Washi. These decorative tapes can be applied to notebooks, bags, furniture, and much more. Washi tape is a fun crafting activity that will appeal to moms who aren’t usually very crafty. It’s also a nice choice for moms who are getting older, and can no longer do knitting or crochet work without arthritis pain. If Mom is new to Washi, you might want to include a book like Fun With Washi along with a selection of Washi tapes.

Price: $13.99 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wrapables Set of 6 Japanese Washi Masking Tape Collection here.

6. Grateful Gnome Original Circular Window Bird Feeder

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(Grateful Gnome)

For moms who love watching the birds in their backyard, this transparent bird feeder lets Mom see exactly what the bird is doing when it’s snacking in the feeder. It’s also designed to be hard for squirrels to get into, which may make it even more appealing to moms who hate those thieving squirrels. The feeder is secured using two all-weather suction cups, which affix to your window. Don’t forget to include bird seed with this gift. We like Wagner’s Deluxe Treat Blend.

Price: $11.99 (52 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Grateful Gnome Original Circular Window Bird Feeder here.

7. Poppy 3D

cool mothers day gifts


Does your mom love going to see 3D movies? This little gadget might be perfect for her. Poppy 3D is a tool that lets you create 3D video and pictures using only an iPhone. This is one of those rare cases where Mom can make use of a cool new piece of technology, even if she still has an older smartphone. Poppy works with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S, as well as the 5th gen iPod Touch with rear camera. It requires no batteries, which is nice. Mom can also browse thousands of Poppy 3D photos from Flickr and Twitter by searching the hashtag #poppy3d.

Price: $59.95

Buy the Poppy 3D here.

8. Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

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Ideal for moms who have developed an appreciation for fine wine, this cordless wine opener is a great way to open bottles quickly. If your mom is getting older, she’ll appreciate a little extra help in the kitchen. The battery on the opener has enough juice to open 30 bottles before needing to be recharged. This opener also comes with a chiller, so Mom can bring home a warm bottle and have it ready to drink, lickety-split.

To make this gift even more thoughtful, consider pairing the opener and chiller with a bottle of wine. One option we like is the 2013 Dry Creek Vineyard Heritage Vines Zinfandel, a double Gold Medal winner at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. It’s ready to drink now, or your mom can cellar it through 2022. If you need more gift ideas for the wine aficionado in your life, check out our guide to the best cheap red wine.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller here.

9. Anne Klein Shimmer Down Satchel Handbag

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(Anne Klein)

When it comes to cool gifts, it’s hard to top a really beautiful handbag. Most moms love a top-quality purse, and this particular bag from Anne Klein is perfect for spring and summer. The pale, vanilla bean color makes it easy to match with a summer wardrobe, while the interior of the bag is fully lined to protect all of your mother’s possessions.

This bag not really Mom’s style? Another bag might appeal to her instead. Amazon is running a promotion on select women’s handbags. From April 28 to May 10, enter the code “BAGS20OFF” at checkout, and you’ll get 20 percent off certain handbags. Learn more about this promotion here. Two great bags that are featured in this promotion are this olive green HOBO Vintage Sheila oversized cross body bag, and this Tommy Hilfiger shopping tote.

Price: $49.49 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Anne Klein Shimmer Down Satchel Handbag here.

10. Orhan’s Inheritance

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(Orhan’s Inheritance)

Orhan’s Inheritance is a great Mother’s Day gift for that mom who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book. This cool, intriguing story revolves around Orhan, who must take over the family business when his own grandfather is found dead in a vat of dye. The grandfather’s will says that the family estate will actually go to a stranger living in America, and so Orhan decides to investigate the identity of this unknown woman. With a narrative that jumps back and forth between the Ottoman Empire and the 1990s, this is a great book for women who are passionate about history, mysteries, or anyone who loves a good story.

Price: $16.63 (36 percent off MSRP)

Buy a copy of Orhan’s Inheritance here.

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