WATCH: Principal Steals Girl’s iPhone 6 & Refuses to Return It

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A father recorded his confrontation with a high school principal who had confiscated his daughter’s iPhone 6. The principal offers him a flip phone instead. The father tries to remain calm as he records the altercation on his own smartphone, asking why he can’t have his property returned. An iPhone 6 runs about a $1,000 market value.

The principal runs a gamut on the father explaining why she can’t return it—stating “school policy”—but many people on Reddit have called this out as B.S. NetFlixPizza party writes:

A school policy does not cancel out theft. The parent themselves came up to the school and tried to retrieve it. That was enough for the phone to be returned. The fact it wasn’t returned makes it a theft.
If I walk into a store and the store has a no phone policy, they’re allowed to take my property and hold it for an extended period of time because “that’s their policy”?
I have a new policy. Anyone who enters my property has to leave their credit card before they leave. I’m sorry, it’s my policy.

Others surmised on the forum that the school probably wanted to go through the girl’s phone, which is equally illegal.