WATCH: Bear Attacks & Kills Deer in Family Backyard

A disturbing smartphone video of a screaming deer being mauled by what appears to be a grizzly bear in a suburban backyard has gone viral online. It was shared on Reddit by watchthisradio, but no context was provided as to where the video was shot or when. However, the video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, June 14 by “VenaticFanatics”, a hunting channel.

Comments about the video on Reddit ranged from “this is natural” to disturbing. They include:

Nature in action. I can’t say I enjoyed watching that, but it was still something worth seeing.

This is extremely rare. Bears typically don’t eat deer and if they do, it is usually a baby deer. A little unnerving to see this happening in a residential backyard. Anyone know where this happened? Makes me wonder what is happening to the bears natural food source.

We would like to know where it happened, too. If you have any knowledge about the context to this video, please contact us.

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