4th of July Drinking Games: Top 10 Best Independence Day Ideas

Happy July 4th! Are you looking for the perfect drinking game to get your party or BBQ started? Here are 10 fun, easy ideas that everyone 21+ can play and enjoy! All game ideas and suggestions come from Imgur-user ImABadLlama. We've added some extra information for you on how to get the party started but please remember to drink responsibly and know your limit.

1. Vietpong

The two teams in this version of beer pong are the United States and the Viet Cong, who Americans fought in the Vietnam War. The Viet Cong fill up 10 cups and place them randomly around their half of the table (and can also move them in between rounds). The U.S. also fills 10 cups, but places them in the standard beer pong triangle of (4-3-2-1).

When the U.S. makes a hit, the Viet Cong have to drink it and place it to the side. When the Viet Cong get a hit, the U.S. has to drink it and fill it back up and place it right back where it was.

There's a history lesson for you, too.