Top 10 Best Bat Mitzvah Gifts

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Traditionally, a Jewish girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12. Traditional gifts for a Bat Mitzvah include items that have religious significance, or gifts with educational value. If you’re stumped about what gift to purchase for an upcoming Bat Mitzvah, we have some suggestions. You should note that some branches of Judaism prohibit carrying gifts in the Synagogue, so consult the parents or rabbi for advice. You may want to deliver your present before or after the day. If you need help picking out a great Bat Mitzvah gift, here are some suggestions that are appropriate for such a momentous day in a young woman’s life.

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1. Silver Plated 4 Piece Havdalah Set

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(Legacy Judaica)

If you want a gift that has religious significance, this is an excellent choice. Someday, when she has a home of her own, she can use this Havdalah set during holidays. It is a lovely collection of items that she can pass down to her own children.

Price: $39.99 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Silver Plated 4 Piece Havdalah Set here.

2. Judaic Chai Life Necklace

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(The Artazia Collection)

This Chai necklace is a great gift to present to a young woman as she starts a new chapter in her life. It is colorful and beautiful, and something she’ll be proud to wear every day.

The piece is hand-painted and set within a stainless steel frame. The decorations are made from Austrian crystals, beads and a variety of other materials, all set in artist’s resin. A refund is available within 30 days of purchase, just in case she doesn’t love it.

Price: $50

Buy the Judaic Chai Life Necklace here.

3. Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel Quilted Leather Shoulder Dress

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(Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel)

Looking for an unexpected, non-traditional gift? Why not a beautiful dress? This youthful dress is perfect for a young woman, and it has an Israeli twist, making it doubly appropriate. Created by Israeli-American designer Yigal Azrouel, this dress is made from rayon, nylon, and spandex, with lambskin leather on the shoulders. While it is not a traditional gift, this may be just right for some young women on the verge of their Bat Mitzvah.

Price: $129 (70 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel Quilted Leather Shoulder Dress here.

4. Polished Aluminum 10-inch Shabbat Candle Holders

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(Pirsum Judaica)

While aluminum may not be a precious metal, it does mean that these candle holders are very lightweight. The low cost of aluminum also makes these candle holders a nice option for those on a limited budget. If you did want to go all out, try these gold-plated holders instead. Either way, Shabbat candle holders are thoughtful gift.

Price: $49.99 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Polished Aluminum 10-inch Shabbat Candle Holders here.

5. ‘Fifty Jewish Women Who Changed The World’

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What could be a better gift for a young Bat Mitzvah than this book? It is filled with the inspirational stories of many famous Jewish women, including not only women from the historical record, but also more modern, artistic women like Barbara Streisand and Gertrude Stein.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Fifty Jewish Women Who Changed The World here.

6. The Compact Edition of The Oxford English Dictionary

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Dictionaries or other educational items are a popular choice for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. In an increasingly digital world, however, a basic dictionary seems like a poor gift. After all, today’s teens are net savvy, and likely have expansive digital dictionaries on their laptops and phones. But one dictionary we still highly recommend is the compact edition of the OED.

The OED isn’t like other dictionaries. It provides information on word meanings and word origins, but also provides the earliest known use of that word in print. This provides context for how the word was originally used, as well as examples of how the word’s usage changed over time. This slim, compact edition takes up less space than the full-sized collection, but still offers all of the same words. It comes packed in a slipcase with a reading glass, to magnify the text. Unlike other dictionaries, you can’t get these definitions online. This book can be a lifelong research for her own personal edification, as well as a resource when she’s writing high school or college essays.

To give her added context about the history of this monumental dictionary, consider adding a copy of the entertaining history book The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary to her Bat Mitzvah gift pile.

Price: $379.95 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Compact Edition of The Oxford English Dictionary here.

7. ‘My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel’

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If you are the kind of person who likes to give serious gifts with a lot of gravitas, this is a good option to consider. My Promised Land was named one of the best books of the year by the New York Times, and also won the National Jewish Book Award. This personal narrative draws on Shavit’s own family history, as well as interviews, historical documents, private diaries, and letters. The book tells the story of the creation of Israel, from many different perspectives. This is a complex, complicated book, but transitioning from childhood to adulthood means that a girl who has reached the age of Bat Mitzvah is ready to start understanding the complex issues related to the state of Israel.

Price: $18.66 (33 percent off)

Buy the My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel here.

8. 24k Gold Plated Mezuzah

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This attractive mezuzah is plated with 24k gold, and is made in Israel. If you want a small, simple gift, this should fit the bill. When she has her own household someday, she will take out this mezuzah and remember your thoughtfulness.

Price: $12.79

Buy the 24k Gold Plated Mezuzah here.

9. Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit

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Another unusual, unexpected gift option for a Bat Mitzvah would be something from the Dead Sea. It’s not traditional, but it does have an Israeli connection. Plus, any girl of the age of Bat Mitzvah is bound to have a growing interest in beauty products. This nail care set is made with dead sea minerals. While it may be frivolous to some, it is still an excellent gift. Another option to consider would be AHAVA’s Natural Dead Sea Body Mud, perfect for an at-home spa day with mom.

Price: $29.98

Buy the Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit here.

10. Cash or Gift Cards

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Giving money in multiples of $18 is symbolic of giving life, so it’s quite common for people to give Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah gifts in the form of cash or gift cards. Common amounts can include $36, $54, or $72. Of course, you can always give more, particularly if you have a close relationship with the family. You can give the gift in the form of cash or check, or as a gift card to the girl’s favorite store. An Amazon gift card is also a good option for parents and family friends to consider, particularly if you know that the girl’s parents want her to use her gift money towards educational expenses like textbooks or test prep guides.

Buy an Amazon gift card here.

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