WATCH: Zimbabwe ‘Prophet’ Proves He Can ‘Walk on Air’

Christian “Prophet” Shepherd Bushiri of Zimbabwe gave Zimbabwean network News 24 an exclusive look at his miracle performance, filming him “levitating.”

The Prophet has over 300,000 “likes” on his Facebook page and is a member of the Enlightened Christian Gathering. According to The Daily Mail, Bushiri has made such claims that “he was head of a made up organisation called AFFRICI, that he can ‘enter the spirit realm’ and that God blessed him with a private jet – which no one is allowed to see.”

To help gain credibility for his dubious claims, Bushiri had News 24 of Zimbabwe film him levitating. But the video is lacking as backing to his claims. On his YouTube channel, Prophetic Channel TV, Bushiri has also filmed himself performing other miracles like pulling money from an empty handbag and getting handicapped people to walk.

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Do you know that he can sue you for defirmation of character? I suggest that you do your research before posting such things about God’s servants and stop twisting their words!!


I was kinda hoping to see a rope around his neck,holding him up.Worst kind of person.Liar and scam artist

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