What Is the Facebook Safety Check for the Paris Attacks?

Facebook safety check, paris attacks

Facebook is letting people mark that their friends are safe after the Paris terror attacks. (Facebook)

If you received a notification from Facebook today saying that certain friends were safe from the Paris attacks, that’s because Facebook has launched a service letting people connect quickly with loved ones in Paris. When you mark that you’re safe, friends will received a notification that says: “NAME marked himself as safe during the Paris Terror Attacks.”

You can go directly to the safety check here and mark either yourself or a friend as safe. You can also find out there if friends in the area have been marked as being safe. Friends can leave comments underneath the safety mark.

People who are in the area will automatically receive a prompt from Facebook, asking if they are safe and offering to check on their other friends, Variety reported. Meanwhile, people have turned to Twitter to offer shelter to others during the attacks.