Top 10 Toys for Girls: The Ultimate List

toys for girls

Toy-buying doesn’t end with Christmas, unfortunately. Between other holidays, birthdays, and just giving gifts to be thoughtful, there are plenty of other reasons to buy toys throughout the year.

Of course, if you want your children to feel joy on Christmas morning, you’re going to need to stuff some beautifully wrapped toys under your Christmas tree. We’ve already covered what cool toys for boys you should be looking at this year, but now it’s time for our list of the best toys for girls this year.

So if you’re looking for some cool toys for girls, we’ve got you covered.

1. Graphic Skinz Design Studio – Breathe New Life Into Old Toys

It’s tough to make toys last a long time, with kids seemingly losing interest in their toys almost immediately after they’ve begun playing with them. But what if you could breathe new life into their old toys, and get them even more excited about any new toys they receive? Now, you can, with the Graphic Skinz Design Studio, which allows kids to re-skin their favorite small toys with new graphics. It’s like giving their toys a paint job!

Price: $19.99 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Graphic Skinz Design Studio here

2. Fire HD Kids Tablet

fire hd kids edition

Amazon’s newly updated Fire HD Kids Tablet isn’t a low-spec, cheap tablet that will break in a day. Instead, it’s impressively fast, customizable, and will allow you to monitor your child’s activity. There’s a lot for them to do with this kids tablet. Sure, there are tons of learning games that they’ll have fun with, but there are also other games, coloring apps, Netflix and other entertainment apps that will keep them busy. It’s one of the best car toys around, too, as it will keep them occupied for the entirety of even the longest car rides. Best of all, it comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, meaning Amazon will replace it when broken with no questions asked.

Price: $99.00

Buy the Fire HD Kids Tablet here.

3. The Ultimate Crayon Collection (152 Crayons)

ultimate crayon collection

If you’re like me, you always get your kids a brand new pack of crayons every Christmas — a pack of crayons makes a great stocking stuffer. But once in awhile, we’ll pick up a mega pack of crayons, like the Ultimate Crayon Collection by Crayola, which contains a whopping 152 crayons. That’s 152 colors, many of which are obscure. So if your little girl is serious about her artwork, this pack is, indeed, the ultimate crayon pack. It comes with a sharpener (and it’s not attached to the back of the box). Epic.

Price: $8.99 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy it here.

4. Disney Cinderella Royal Ball Doll

toys for girls dolls

I hate to say “oh, just buy her a doll,” but Disney’s Cinderella Royal Ball Doll is one of the highest rated dolls on Amazon, with 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from over 100 customers. She sparkles from head to toe with magical butterflies and foil print accents.The doll includes the famous glass slippers, and it makes a great gift for Cinderella fans. Sometimes, you have to forget about the stigmas that surround some of these toys, and just let your kids enjoy what you know they’re going to enjoy.

Price: $34.72 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Disney Cinderella Royal Ball Doll here.

5. Ty Beanie Ballz Tumbles

ty beanies

Ty’s newest entrant into the plush toys market is easily their cutest. The Ty Beanie Ballz Tumbles are a lot of fun. You can throw them around, add them to your tea party guest list, and add them to your collection of stuffed animals. Best of all, they’re only $5.00 each, so you can get a few of them at a time and gift them in a bag or basket.

Price: $5.00

Buy the Ty Beanie Ballz Tumbles here.

6. Barbie and the Secret Door Pink Unicorn Doll

barbie toys

You know what’s better than a unicorn? An entirely pink unicorn! This is inspired by the new Barbie and the Secret Door, and your child can style the unicorn’s gorgeous mane, adding colorful extensions and flowers.

Price: $21.94 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Barbie and the Secret Door Pink Unicorn Doll here.

7. Compose Yourself Music Card Game

If your little girl loves music (and, what little girl doesn’t, right?), check out the Compose Yourself Music Card game. It allows players to create their own music easily using the cards and a web-enabled computer (not included, of course). Simply arrange the cards how you want, enter the codes online, and then tweak your composition as you see fit to create music. It’s one of the best toys for girls on this list because it is not only fun, but it also inspires creativity with music.

Price: $14.99 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Compose Yourself Music Card Game here.

8. Ever After High Rosabella Beauty Doll

ever after high toys

THE highest rated doll on Amazon is the Ever After High Beauty Doll, which includes daughters and sons of the most famous fairytales, such as the daughter of Beauty and the Beast, the daughter of the White Rabbit, and more. Because of their popularity, we also included these dolls in our list of the top 50 cool toys for girls.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Ever After High Rosabella Beauty Doll here.

9. Play-Doh Royal Palace Disney Princess

play doh toys

Play-Doh always makes a great Christmas gift. In fact, we buy new Play-Doh every holiday season. The Play-Doh Royal Palace Disney Princess kit contains sparkled Play-Doh that is intended for use with Disney Princesses for their dresses, but it also works well for other designs like the ocean or mermaid tails. It’s one of the best new Play-Doh kits on the market this year.

Price: $14.76 (26 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Play-Doh Royal Palace Disney Princess Kit here.

10. Melissa & Doug Plush Unicorn

unicorn toys

Melissa & Doug products are of the highest quality. These aren’t the cheap, everyday toys that break easily. One of the company’s most notable creations is the Melissa & Doug Plush Unicorn, which is 32 inches high x 45 inches long x 12 inches wide. It has a sturdy wireframe that helps the unicorn stand tall, and it’s loaded with shimmering details your little girl will love. We also included it in our list of the Top 50 Best Cool Toys for Girls. Why? Because unicorns, obviously.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Melissa & Doug Plush Unicorn here.

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