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Do you need to find the perfect gift for a weed lover in your life? Maybe it is their birthday, a special holiday like 420, or you just want to show them that you care. Any time of year is the perfect time to spoil your favorite stoner with gifts that are funny, useful, fashion-forward or just plain timeless. We have put together this list of our favorite gift ideas for stoners that will be sure to please any cannabis aficionado. The list includes clothing, jewelry, books, munchies and more!

Of course, if your stoner buddy is also a grower, you might want to get them some grow equipment as a special gift as well. Nutrient solution, grow systems, high powered fans, and grow lights are a great gift. Maybe you can help them upgrade from HID to more efficient fluorescent or lighting, or update their watering system to be more efficient. Any of these would be greatly appreciated by any bud grower!

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1. I Like Big Blunts T-Shirt

gifts for stoners, best christmas gift for pothead t shirt funny

This hilarious men’s T shirt tells it like it is, Sir Mix A Lot style. This 100% cotton shirt is printed in the USA on a high quality shirt. Reviewers noted that this shirt fits true to size and gets tons of compliments. This shirt also ships fast so you can count on delivery when you need it.

Price: $10 to $15.95 depending on size

Buy the I Like Big Blunts T-Shirt here.

2. Canopy Snacks Ultimate Snacks Variety Box

This stoner snack pack has everything you need to fend off the munchies. It includes sweet, sour, salty, chewy and crunchy snacks to fill any craving. Imagine the look on your favorite stoner’s face when they pull this gift out from under the tree! 50 snacks included, with everything from candy like skittles and twizzlers, to savory chips and cheez its, to throwbacks like airheads and fun dip!

Price: $30.35

Buy the Canopy Snacks Ultimate Snacks Variety Box here.

3. Stoner Smoke & Sketch

stoner smoke and sketch best stoner gift marijuana weed

Do you remember when you were little and you used to paint different colors on a piece of paper, cover it with black paint, and then scratch away the black paint to reveal a lovely multicolored picture? The Stoner Smoke & Sketch notebook recreates that elementary school art class activity for hours of high fun! It was created by Dr. Seymour Kindbud “green grower extrordionaire” so you know it is going to be fun!

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Price: $16.93

Buy Stoner Smoke & Sketch here.

4. Gold Plated THC Molecule Necklace

Here is a gift for the stoner who is also a science lover. This necklace is designed to look like a single molecule of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the primary chemical component in marijuana. This classy gold toned necklace looks like an abstract design to anyone who is not in the know, but savvy pot smokers will recognize the molecule right away. This would make for a great conversation piece.

Price: $39.90 with free shipping

Buy the THC Molecule Necklace here.

5. Periodic Table of Cannabis Poster

This incredibly detailed laminated poster features a ton of different marijuana strains laid out in a periodic table format. It includes information about each strain including whether it is indica or sativa, the name, a photo and a lot of general info about the medicinal and health benefits of cannabis. This mug would make for some great conversation around the coffee table, and is sure to please for any pot head in your life.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Periodic Table of Cannabis Poster here.

6. Healing Flower Pendant – Real Medical Marijuana Necklace

jewelry for potheads christmas gifts for stoners 2015

This medical marijuana necklace is a truly unique gift for any pot lover. Yes, those are real buds inside of the necklace! They are encased in resin and completely impossible to remove, so this necklace is legal to sell and to wear anywhere. This unique piece of jewelry is hand made and takes 6-10 days to create, so order it early to make sure it gets here in time for Christmas. You can choose whether you want an Indica or a Sativa bud, and whether you want a gold or a silver chain as well.

Price: $26

Buy the Healing Flower Pendant – Real Medical Marijuana Necklace here.

7. Zen Mood Incense Gift Pack

incense gift for stoners christmas best pot head presents 2015

Stoners love incense. They love it for the smell, which covers up any other odors that might be in the air, they love the ambiance it creates and they love watching the smoke rise. This gift pack comes with three packs of carefully selected incense and a hand painted wooden incense holder featuring a floral design and an Om symbol. One of the incense packs is associated with an Indian deity, including Shiva, Durga, Ram, Krishna, vishnu, Ganesh and more. You can select from one of eight color coded gift packs.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Zen Mood Incense Gift Pack here.

8. Stonerware Munchie Clip

munchies gifts for stoners chip clip best pot head christmas gift

This Munchie Clip is a great gift for anyone who gets the munchies and loves snacking on chips, pretzels, cheetos, nachos or anything else that comes in a bag! This chip clip is going to come in handy next time your stoner friend satisfies their insatiable hunger before the bag of chips runs out. The clip will keep leftovers nice and crispy for way longer than if you just bunch the bag up and stuff it back in the cabinet. This oversized clip measures 6″ across and will fit even the biggest chip bags.

Price: $4.98

Buy the Stonerware Munchie Clip here.

9. Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

underwater dogs stoner book best gift marijuana weed

This coffee table book would fit right in at any stoner’s house. The book is full of high res, full color photos of dogs fetching tennis balls underwater. Sound boring? Think again – these dogs make some of the funniest faces you will ever see! Their jowls are waving all over the place, their eyes are wild with excitement, and their tongues are wagging as far as they can go!

Price: $12.18

Buy Underwater Dogs here.

10. RAW Rolling Paper Sensory Enhanced Candle

candle gift stoner christmas raw rolling papers pot head christmas present

This candle from RAW rolling paper brand is a cool addition to any stoner’s room. It is made out of soy wax and hemp seed oil to be eco friendly, as you would expect from the RAW brand. The scent comes from Limonene and Terpene, which are uplifting to the senses and help to cleanse the air of any other odors that might be lingering.

Price: $13.49

Buy the RAW Rolling Paper Sensory Enhanced Candle here.

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