Top 5 Cool Science Toys for Kids

cool science toys

Whether the setting is a science museum during a field trip or aisles at local toy stores, there has always been something special about science toys and kits. Science toys usually involve both an educational component as well as a different option from the typical toys. Many kits are hands on, teaching principals of biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and more, while showing an awesome representation of the said science/discipline. There are space toys, robot toys, and more that appeal to all different sorts of science-loving kids.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 cool science toys for kids:

1. Tin Can Robot

science toys

There’s no doubt that there has been quite a few new toy robots on the market, each having their own quirk and technology that makes them stand out from the average remote controlled toy bot. Although its great to own a robot toy, it’s even more awesome to build your own, making the Tin Can Robot a great option for scientists and technology fans alike. This product simply requites a tin can to make it work, including all the parts necessary within the package in order to build it. It teaches children and other interested users how to build a working robot, which is great for future engineers or those who want a lovable robot friend. Admittedly, the result won’t be as cool as the BB8 toys we’ve seen, but they’ll be proud of their own cute android that they’ve made.

Price: $14.99

Buy the 4M Tin Can Robot here.

2. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

cool science toys

Having your own ecosystem sounds like quite a bit to handle, but not with the Grow N’ Glow Terrarium, your own mini tabletop environment. Terrariums are fun projects that teach users some aspects of botany, the study of plants. Your kids will assemble a small jar filled with soil and seeds, misting it nearly every day in order to maintain the ecosystem. The terrarium is like a pet and must be watered every single day in order for it to stay alive, teaching “children the importance of the life-cycle”. What’s unique about this particular product is that it has special glow stickers that allow the plant to absorb light during the night. It’s also one of the best looking cool science toys, illuminating the variety of plants for all to see.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Terrarium kit here.

3. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Voted one of the top educational science toys, there is no question why Snap Circuit Jr has received many rewards. This project involves circuit building, something that is generally not introduced to children at such a young age. According to the product description details, users can build more than 100 working electronic projects with over 30 parts to use. Three possible projects include photo sensor, a flashing sensor, and volume control system. This is a great introduction to building real forms of technology for anyone who may be interested in electronics or how circuits work.

Price: $19.25 (45 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit here.

4. Sega Homestar Planetarium

cool science toys

For people who love gazing at the stars or using a telescope to look at the constellations, planets, or analyzing the changes in the Big Dipper, a private planetarium is an absolutely amazing gift. Dimming the lights and turning on the Sega Homestar Planetarium enables a pattern of 60,000 stars on your ceiling, making for both a scientific and breathtaking experience. It also has a shooting star function with discs to change the scenery, as well as a poster of the stars. Owners of this planetarium can buy additional disks online as well, maximizing the awesome experience.  Even if this is not always used as a science based product, it’s great to fall asleep and relax to as your kids ponder the universe.

Price: $174.99

Buy the Sega Homestar Planetarium here.

5. Copernicus Glowing Putty and Slime Kit

science toys

Other than glow in the dark terrariums, another fun illuminating science toy is the Glowing Putty Gels & Slime Kit. Kids love creating things, and when those things end up glowing, even better. In this kit, users are able to make a form of putty with the ingredients provided. Although this project is potentially messy, there is no denying that it is a fun project for all ages. This kit enables children to learn how to mix ingredients together to make their own slime or putty rather than simply buying an already made mix at the store. Creating something from scratch adds an entirely new layer of interactivity, giving users a sense of accomplishment when making their own toy to play with.

Price: $16.20

Buy the Glowing Putty Gels and Slime Kit here.

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