Casey Neistat, YouTube Star: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Casey Neistat, Snowboarding With the NYPD


Casey Neistat is a filmmaker and social media titan with his own YouTube channel and his hands in many pies across the web. His recent viral video, “Snowboarding With the NYPD,” has taken the internet by (Winter) storm (Jonas). Casey has always lived his adult life very openly and publicly, through his many hours of vlogging on YouTube and by posting countless tweets and photos on Instagram. Here is what you need to know about Casey:

1. He Co-founded the Company That Made the Beme App

Casey and web engineer Matt Hackett co-created the video messaging application Beme to counteract the hyper-curated version of social media that is most common today. Casey wanted to produce an app that would reflect real life more closely than the filtered, edited version people normally share through other platforms.

Beme is designed to shoot video from your phone in four second bursts without the ability to review or edit. Moreover, you hold the phone to your chest instead of up near your face, so that you’re still an active participant in what you’re recording. The proximity sensor on your Iphone acts as a record button. The footage is immediately and automatically posted and shared to your circle of friends. Whereas a Vine clip can be scrutinized and edited by its creator, a Beme video is pushed out into the world before you can even turn your phone around to look at the screen again. Reviews of the app have been mixed, with one caveat being that if a video is recorded by accident, there is no way to delete it or stop it from being, ahem, beamed out to the internet.

2. He Was a High School Dropout, a Teen Father, & on Welfare

Casey left Ledyard High School in Ledyard, Connecticut when he was 15 years old. He never graduated and never went back to finish. The above YouTube video was made to tell Casey’s story of this tumultuous time and how he overcame obstacles to reach global success. An artist named Kim Smith illustrates while Casey’s narration takes you through his life.

He got his girlfriend pregnant while living in Virginia and the couple moved back to Connecticut, Casey’s home state. Casey was working as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant to make ends meet when he became a father for the first time, to son Owen Neistat. Owen is now a teenager and takes part in many of Casey’s vlogs. Casey and Owen’s mom moved into a trailer park because it was a more economical choice and it was in a safer neighborhood, but that did not prevent them from needing some financial assistance from the government, which Casey disliked. When Owen was a little older, Casey and his girlfriend drove to Brooklyn to visit his brother. This visit served as the inspiration for Casey’s future jobs behind the camera, as he caught the filming and editing bug while working on his brother’s iMac.

3. He Had an HBO Show With His Brother Called The Neistat Brothers

#tbt 2010 when I had a half pipe in my office. this was a promo pic for my HBO show. photo by the great @laurenfarmer

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The Neistat Brothers aired for one season on HBO in 2010. Casey and his brother Van Neistat produced semi-autobiographical short films for the 8-part series.

Way back in 2003, the brothers made a three minute piece called iPod’s Dirty Secret, bringing to light Apple’s corrupt company policies regarding replacement batteries for their iPod models. The resulting media blitz and exposure helped propel them to stardom and put them on HBO’s radar.

4. Casey Is Married to Candice Pool & They Have a Baby Daughter Named Francine

family portrait compliments of @mrbenbrown

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Casey posts regularly about his family life in his vlogs. He married Finn Jewelry designed Candice Pool in South Africa, where Candice is from. Vogue featured the details of the wedding ceremony.

Their daughter Francine was born at the end of 2014. Casey and Candice filmed the experience and Casey of course uploaded it all to YouTube. Casey had been out of town when Candice’s water broke and flew from San Francisco to Houston just in the nick of time. Francine, nicknamed “Frankie,” was born four hours after Casey arrived at the hospital where Candice was already in labor.

5. Casey’s Net Worth Is Approximately $1.5 Million.

According to reports, Casey is worth $1.5 million. His self-promotion on YouTube and his endearing charm have made people want to buy into his brands and keep up with his life on social media. Casey has also directed advertising campaigns for Nike, J.Crew, and Mercedes-Benz, among others. He also travels the world for public speaking engagements, which certainly contributes to his growing wealth.

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