YouTube Personality Miranda Sings: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miranda Sings, YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger Evans


Another internet sensation is gaining celebrity outside of the YouTube world. Here’s what you need to know about MirandaSings:

1. Miranda is the Comedic Alter Ego of Actress Colleen Ballinger Evans.

Miranda has her own YouTube channel, called MirandaSings, which has over 5.7 million subscribers. It features Miranda’s how-to advice on a variety of topics and follows the oddball character throughout her daily life. Evans, in character as Miranda, sings both original songs and pop covers and chases fame. Despite her bold belief that she should be famous, Miranda’s voice is nasal and irritating and her singing is mostly off-key. Miranda dances awkwardly, and has what could definitely be described a unique fashion sense. She bills herself as a “five threat” (as opposed to a triple threat), and feels she is a great actress, singer, dancer, model, and magician.

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Miranda’s parody video of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” where she digitally inserts herself into the original video’s background and changes the lyrics to suit her personality, has racked up 41.2 million views on YouTube alone.

2. Miranda’s Catchphrase Is ‘Haters Back Off’

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Miranda often responds to negative comments left for her on social media including Twitter and Facebook. Her “haters” poke fun at her physical appearance and singing ability (or lack thereof). Miranda’s strong sense of self often rubs people the wrong way. Telling these folks to back off is also a main part of Miranda’s very popular live act where she tours the country bringing her singing, dancing, and magic tricks to a paying audience.

Her humorous responses are often the best revenge against the haters.

The line between the character of Miranda and the real-life person portraying her is often blurred. Colleen Evans must also take to her own YouTube and Twitter accounts to defend Miranda and denounce the haters. In doing so, both Miranda and Colleen are more endearing to the viewers by keeping their confidence high and standing up for themselves as strong women.

3. Netflix Is Making a Miranda Series Also Titled ‘Haters Back Off’

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Miranda just announced that she’s getting her own Netflix series, with a title that capitalizes on her catchphrase. Miranda’s less frequent internet appearances generated rumors that Colleen Evans was pregnant. She played off of this gossip and framed her announcement of Haters Back Off as a pregnancy, or birthing a new baby.

Netflix has also begun making it public that they’re working with Miranda. Netflix provides streaming video on demand and has been successful with their slate of original series so far. No doubt Miranda’s built-in fan base will drive viewers to Haters Back Off when it begins streaming.

Buzz across the internet from Miranda’s fans also points to the show being successful when it debuts. A release date has not yet been announced, but the pickup is for eight episodes.

4. Fans of the Miranda Character Call Themselves Mirfandas.

Mirfandas dress up like their heroine in bright colors and mis-matched patterns, or copy her outfits directly from her YouTube videos. Mirfandas post photos and tribute videos of themselves with Miranda’s trademark bright red lipstick, colored way outside the lip line.

Miranda’s confidence in her talents and abilities translates to her fans, many of whom are young girls, also feeling powerful and confident. It’s an unexpected message from a very eccentric character whose narcissism might otherwise be off-putting.

5. Miranda Hilariously Pronounces Words and Phrases Incorrectly

The character of Miranda often employs malapropisms, spoonerisms, and mondegreens while speaking. Miranda’s sureness that she is always right are made even funnier when she utters a completely nonsensical phrase, like calling it “Valentime’s Day”. The title of Miranda’s book Selp Helf, her how-to guide to life, is an example of a spoonerism.