WATCH: Remi Gaillard ‘Animal Planet’ Prank Video on YouTube

Remi Gaillard often plays pranks on unsuspecting people and uploads the videos to YouTube. One of his recurring themes, aside from sports pranks and showing off his soccer skills, is to dress up in animal costumes and elicit funny reactions from people through hidden camera-style situations. Many of these videos take place in France, where Remi is from, and often require English subtitles.

The above video, titled “Animal Planet,” needs little to no verbal explanation after the beginning. A woman brings a dog in to an animal shelter where Remi is working at the front desk. Clearly she has not seen his previous prank videos, does not recognize him, and has no idea what kind of experience awaits her. Remi directs the lady to wait with the lost dog for a moment. At this time the role reversal in this wacky world of Remi’s imagination begins in earnest. A person in a large furry dog suit walks past, carrying a briefcase. The woman seems surprised but says nothing. Nor does she react strongly when a full size cat comes out to the front desk, grabs a binder, and continues on its way. Perhaps she figures they’re doing some promotional work with the community?

Remi then leads his prank victim to the outdoor part of the facility and directs her to a door, leaving her alone in this strange scene. It’s quite a sight, with mostly naked humans inside the cages where the animals would usually be. Another giant dog wheels a cart past the lady. How she does not stop everything and demand answers at this point is beyond our comprehension. Two adults in their underwear are making eye contact with her from inside of a cage, and she does nothing. The French are apparently very reserved.

When our fearless subject opens the door, she finds a human on a metal table with five “animals” working to operate on him. Without a single laugh, or even a scream of horror, the lady stands there observing people in horse, rabbit, dog, pig, and bull costumes (wearing scrubs, no less), pretend to treat this injured human. She backs away quietly.

The video ends with this woman leaving the animal shelter. On her way out, another stray is being brought in. However, since this is Remi’s “Animal Planet,” the stray is a half-naked person and the authority figure is in a mouse costume. The clip ends somewhat poignantly, with a shot of a costumed dog chained to the side of a road, hanging its head in sadness. The caption reads, “I am someone not something.”

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