WATCH: Super Bowl 2016 Shock Top Beer Commercial Starring T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller, Shock Top beer, Super Bowl 2016 commercials

(Shock Top)

T.J. Miller, comedian and star of HBO’s Silicon Valley and the upcoming movie Deadpool, is featured in the new commercial for Shock Top beer that will air live during Super Bowl 50. We have the teaser to give you a taste of what Shock Top has in store for the sure-to-be irreverent ad.

T.J. speaks directly to the camera in a confident, almost brash tone. He tells us that if we haven’t heard of him, we really must be shut off from the rest of the world, because he has practically taken it over through the mediums of TV, movies, and advertising. Miller promises that the final version of the commercial will be “unfiltered,” like the beer’s slogan, giving us a hint that the spot will be part of water cooler conversation on the Monday morning after the Super Bowl. Shock Top’s mascot Wedgehead chimes in towards the end of T.J.’s pitch for his “greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time.” He says we should prepare ourselves to “laugh out” when his “draught’s out.” Wedgehead is equally confused about what that phrase means.

Shock Top, a beer under the Anheuser-Busch umbrella, has grown more ambitious with its spending for marketing campaigns in recent years. The company has been trying to establish the brand as a contender to take on similar beers like Blue Moon in sales.

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