WATCH: Pokemon Super Bowl 50 Commercial

As we get closer to February 7th, the excitement for Golden Super Bowl ads builds to a frenzy. Several vendors have been releasing short teaser ads. Nintendo has gone a step further and released the entire Pokemon 20th Anniversary commercial that will air during Super Bowl 2016.

The message of the ad seems to be that everyone can succeed at something if they believe in themselves and keep training to better their skills. The video clip follows several children and adults who achieve greatness by repeating a form of the phrase “I can do this.”

The Pokemon world is mixed in with the real world in several different scenarios, and each one folds into the next. The first child trains to be the fastest runner after joining a crowd in the streets watching a dancing flame. His training is featured on a television report seen by a young girl at a chess tournament. She is then inspired to best her opponents with strategy, moving from chess table to chess table and racking up key moves while a crowd watches in awe.

The girl’s game play was caught on a cell phone video which, inside this story, probably went viral. This would explain how we cut to a young football player watching the chess match on his phone in the locker room. He is galvanized to rally his team to victory, leading his teammates in a chant of “We can do this.” When this footballer’s face is broadcast on a video monitor in a busy metropolitan square, another young man sees it from street level and is filled with pride. He heads to a real-life Pokemon style tournament inside a packed stadium, with various villains of the Pokemon world waiting to challenge him. He throws the Poke Ball in slow motion and we cut to…

A boy and his father watching on television, while Pikachu sits nearby. The boy’s dad whispers to him, “You can do that.” We close on the boy’s eyes, wide with excitement, while the slogan “Train On” appears over his eyes.