WATCH: Alec Baldwin Amazon Echo Super Bowl Commercial With Dan Marino & Missy Elliott

We’re bringing you the long-awaited Amazon commercial for today’s Super Bowl 50 game. The Amazon Echo device is highlighted in this star-studded affair. Alec Baldwin is throwing an extravagant game day party in his mansion, complete with the enormous snack stadium we were promised in the teaser ads. He’s joined by Dan Marino, who was his co-star in one of those teasers, and new friends Missy Elliott and Jason Schwartzman. Jason is actually the first celebrity we see in the video, and he’s hilariously eating the lettuce garnish off of an appetizer tray while asking a rich older lady how much money she has. How very Wes Anderson-esque.

Alec Baldwin cuts off the music at the party by instructing his Amazon Echo, which the company has programmed with the name Alexa, to do so. Missy Elliott can’t believe this scorcery! Alec shows her the Echo and has the device turn on his over-the-top snack stadium (complete with Jumbotron). The rivalry between Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin is reignited when Dan chides his host for having “breaded wings.” The Echo is connected to the internet and can typically provide information similar to Googling a topic. Alec asks the Echo how many Super Bowl championships Marino has won and she announces to the party “Dan Marino has won zero championships.” Marino counters with “Alexa, how many Oscars has Alec Baldwin won?” While she is replying that the number is also zero, Baldwin interrupts with the command “Alexa, stop.”

BONUS: If you happen to own an Amazon Echo, ask it the same questions that Baldwin and Marino ask during the commercial. You’ll get some silly answers.

Jason Schwartzman defends Baldwin against Marino’s jibes and says, “I will sack this man so hard for you.” Marino licks his breaded-wing-covered fingers and deadpans, “No you won’t.” Missy Elliott then uses Alexa to help plug her new single “Pep Rally.” The commercial is clever and should be one of the top ads that everyone is talking about all next week.

Check out the early teaser showing a playful ribbing between Baldwin and Marino as they get ready for the party. Marino is mostly preoccupied with having cheerleaders attend.

Amazon also released this very funny video of Baldwin interacting with his chef “Pierre,” who is in charge of some of the snack stadium’s delicious cheese footballs.