WATCH: Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen Bud Light Super Bowl 2016 Commercial

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen star in this year’s Bud Light commercial for Super Bowl 50. The ad also features Paul Rudd and actor Michael Pena. But where’s Ronda Rousey?

The commercial is a take on presidential campaign appearances, which we’ve certainly seen enough of recently. Seth and Amy visit different locations in the ad and try to blend in with the local folks the way political candidates do: they’re wearing hard hats at a factory, they’re in cowboy hats and on horseback at the rodeo. Amy makes the stereotypical vigorous hand motions while stumping at a podium and wears chunky pearls. But since they’re still the comedians we’re familiar with, they go for the obvious sex jokes involving Bud Light having “the biggest caucus.” Seth also ends up quoting the movie Independence Day for half of his speech.

According to the commercial, America is a “nation divided.” But we can all agree on two things: everyone loves Paul Rudd and everyone loves beer. Rudd himself seems pleasantly surprised to be mentioned from the sidelines of a Los Angeles Lakers game, in his charming “everyman” way.

There was talk ranging from speculation to what seemed like a confirmation that Ronda Rousey was going to be a part of the commercial as well. Obviously, she’s nowhere to be found in the ad above. We will have to see if Bud Light pulls a switcheroo during the live Super Bowl 50 broadcast and airs a completely different ad.

You can watch the original teaser that Bud Light introduced on January 21st below. The beer producer sought to garner attention before the full ad was released on February 3rd.

Michael Pena also got his own teaser clip, which was uploaded on February 2nd. Check it out: