WATCH: Ant-Man & Incredible Hulk Coke Mini Super Bowl Commercial 2016

Coca-Cola teamed with Marvel to bring us their 2016 Super Bowl commercial for the Coke Mini. Batman v Superman may be the comic book duo getting all of the hype in the movies, but the commercial pits The Incredible Hulk against Ant-Man over a Coke Mini can. Ant-Man steals the soda from the refrigerator in Bruce Banner’s lab. When Bruce catches him in the act, he goes all “Hulk smash” and jumps out of a skyscraper window. A chase ensues.

Ant-Man ends up returning the Coke Mini to Hulk, who is hilariously unable to open the tiny top with his gargantuan fingers. Ant-Man helps his buddy out by popping the top and catches a flying Coke droplet in his mouth while he’s at it. The tagline for the commercial is “Sometimes you just want a little.”

People enjoyed the commercial featuring the action scenes and humor that have become de rigueur for the characters of the Marvel superhero movies.

The Coke Mini itself however is not being met with too much enthusiasm.

Paul Rudd is dominating the commercial breaks during this Super Bowl. He’s featured in the Bud Light ad with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen and voices the Hyundai Elantra ads.