WATCH: Axe Super Bowl Commercial ‘Find Your Magic’ 2016

Axe, maker of grooming products for men, released the above commercial to YouTube in mid-January, and aired it tonight during the Super Bowl. It’s not quite the inspirational juggernaut of last year’s “Like a Girl” campaign, which sought to empower women and girls to be strong and confident. But it goes for a similar confidence-boosting theme: stay true to yourself and “Find Your Magic.” Body-shaming is a theme frequently explored in commercials that target the female demographic, but not as often with men. Axe appears to be moving away from its previous “wear this body spray and you’ll get laid” tropes and is showing a more inclusive portrait of manhood.

Axe has been using the hashtag #findyourmagic and asked guys to share the message with their “buddies” (fist bump emoji!) in the hopes that Twitter would spread the word. Unfortunately, the #findyourmagic concept is being applied to non-Axe-related topics (a bit sarcastically) on Twitter.

The Axe commercial states, “Who needs some other thing, when you’ve got your thing.” These people found their “thing,” and it wasn’t Axe body spray.