WATCH: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Funny Video Release of ‘NFL 2016 Part One’

Bad Lip Reading videos are hilarious ways to pass the time, and their NFL editions never fail to amaze. With Super Bowl 50 mere days away, it’s the perfect opportunity to relive the best moments of the past football season. NFL Bad Lip Readings depict the players and team staff uttering nonsense during sideline interviews, while calling plays, or chatting on the field. It’s a glimpse into at what your brain could imagine the jibber jabber these players are saying if you watched the games on mute.

Adrian Peterson outlines his New Year’s Eve plans, which include bingo, pizza, and biscuits in Saskatchewan. Quinton Dunbar of the Washington Redskins needs a bit of a pep talk after the other players keep taking his ball. While some athletes may be stereotyped for a perceived lack of intelligence, Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons dispels those rumors during a sideline interview. It’s easy to see why Olivia Munn has fallen in love with Aaron Rodgers, when he displays his ability to turn around in a circle so gracefully.

Forget Deflategate, did you know that Tom Brady used to shave his furry ankles to win games? Poor Tom Brady always seems to catch the worst of it in these videos. Perhaps it’s because he’s a winning quarterback and therefore spends a lot of time on camera, giving the Bad Lip Reading folks plenty of footage to work with. He’s also a multi-millionaire married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, so it’s especially satisfying to watch him taken down a peg by announcing excitedly to his teammates, “Florida is where Disney World is! Florida!”

Here’s hoping that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shows greater fearlessness during the big game on February 7th than he does when it comes to snakes on the sidelines.

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