Top 10 Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Top 10 Best Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him boyfriend husband

Valentine’s Day is here! If you are still on the lookout for the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, dad or any other guy, you are in luck. There is still time to find the perfect gift that he will love. There are tons of e-delivery gifts that you get get him that do not have to be shipped. Here are some ideas for gifts to fit any taste and budget – whether he is a movie lover, athlete, handyman, and if has a sweet tooth or prefers spicy foods, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for any guy.

Also remember that if you just can’t find the right gift, an gift card could be perfect for him! He can spend it on anything he wants, from movies and music to chocolates, clothes, books and more. Click here to get a digital gift card in any amount you choose. It will be delivered right to your inbox instantly!

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1. Amazon Prime

amazon prime last minute valentines gift

Amazon Prime is the perfect gift for an guy – he can enjoy hundreds of TV shows, movies and music as well as get free shipping and special prices on his favorite items from Amazon. Again, an amazon gift card would be the perfect accompaniment to this gift so that he can load up with his favorite movies!

Price: $99

Buy Amazon Prime here.

2. Starbucks Gift Card

starbucks coffe gift card best last minute valentines day gifts for him

A gift card to Starbucks is a delicious treat for any coffee lover! After all, what is more romantic than coffee? THis gift card is delivered to your email so there is no wait time between the giving and the coffee! If he is not a Starbucks fan, you can also get instant delivery on a gift card to Coffee Bean.

Price: Any amount of your choosing

Buy the gift card here

3. Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

rolling stone magazine subscription  best last minute valentines day gifts present for him boyfriend husban

For the man who has it all, a magazine subscription is the perfect gift. It won’t take up space in his house or Man Cave and will keep on coming for a whole year. Rolling Stone is every man’s favorite magazine, with music, pop culture, politics, film and more. If your man is a musician, you can even get him a digital gift card to Guitar Center where he can go shop for his gear.

Price: $19.95 & FREE Shipping (85% off MSRP)

Buy a Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription here.

4. Dinner at Texas Roadhouse

texas roadhouse bbq dinner valentines day last minute gift for him

Is your man a barbeque fanatic? Valentines day might not seem at first thought to be the perfect day for sticky ribs and baked beans, but if you love BBQ you know that the best romantic dinner would be at Texas Roadhouse! This gift card to Texas Roadhouse would be perfect for a romantic, messy date night, or as a special treat for him to enjoy whenever he wants. It will be delivered to your email for you to print out, so you can use it tonight!

Price: Any amount you choose

Buy the Texas Roadhouse dinner gift card here.

5. Dinner and Dessert at Cheesecake Factory

cheesecake factory romantic chocolate dinner dessert last minute valentines day gift

If he is not a steak and potatoes kind of guy, he might love to receive a gift card to the famous Cheesecake Factory , with electronic delivery so there is no wait time for shipping! Cheesecake factory has such a selection of sweet treats to satisfy his sweet tooth, you could either go for a romantic dinner and dessert together or you could use this gift card to bring home a dessert for you to enjoy at home together.

Price: Any amount you choose

Buy the Cheesecake Factory Valentine’s Day Dinner here.

6. AMC Gift Card

amc gift card movie theater valentines day last minute gift for him

What better way to end your Valentine’s Day night out than with a movie? You can also get a gift card to AMC theaters to use for your date night. You can either use it tonight to treat him to a special show, or give it to him to use on his own time whenever he wants to see a movie.

Price: Any amount you choose

Buy AMC gift card

7. Steam Gift Card

last minute gamer gift for valentines day

If your guy is a gamer, he will love nothing more than a Steam Gift Card! This will give him access to his favorite Steam games for free: Crusader Kinds, Broken AGe, Call of Duty, Eve, Tomb Raider and more. He can use this to access games on any PC or Mac, and it is delivered wirelessly for instant access.

Price: $100

Buy the Steam gift card here.

8. Playstation Gift Card

playstation gamer gift card last minute valentines day for him gift

If he is a gamer guy who prefers consoles over PC gaming, he would love a Playstation electronic gift card as well. Playstation has an amazing variety of games to choose from, and with this gift card he can download them to his console instantly. It is delivered to your email instantly, so you can either forward it directly to him or you can print it out and give it to him in person.

Price: $100 or any amount you choose

Buy the Playstation Gift Card here.

9. Buffalo Wild Wings gift card

b dubs bufalo wild wings gift card last  minute valentines day for him

If your man is a sports fan who loves his wings, treat him to Buffalo Wild Wings with a digital gift card. He can be the most envied guy at the next Sunday game party when he shows up with a plate of B Dubs wings!

Price: $25 to $75

Buy the Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set here.

10. AirBNB Digital Gift Card

airbnb gift card vacation valentines day for him gift

IF you still are not sure what to get him for Valentine’s day, how about a vacation? Did you know that AirBnb offers digital gift cards as well? You can treat him to a weekend away, either as a romantic treat or an escape from the world. You can even pick out a nice room in your own city for a staycation!

Price: Any amount you choose

Buy AirBnb Vacation here.

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