WATCH: Boyz II Men Sing ‘End of the Show’ Super Bowl Song With James Corden

Boyz II Men were doin’ a little East Coast swing on the West Coast last night. They appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden to welcome us all back to the 90s with a song. Not just any song though, a specially-crafted Super Bowl-themed jam. Not too hard, not too soft.

James started it off at the piano and then took a spot at the mic with the Boyz, with all of them looking dapper in matching white suits. James and the guys rehashed the highlights of Super Bowl 50 to the tune of “End of the Road.” Who knows if James Corden‘s writers came up with some lyrics at the last minute to incorporate everything that happened, or if they maybe wrote a few versions to be ready for any outcome. Either way, it was clever and everyone deserves applause for being so on the ball. Plus we all need a little more Boyz II Men in our lives.