WATCH: Republican Brad Smith Sing Maroon 5 & Dab in Funny Political Campaign Video

Forget Amy & Seth’s Bud Light Party, the most hilarious campaign video of February belongs to Brad Smith.

Smith is a Republican candidate for a seat in District 5 (not related to The Hunger Games) on the DeKalb County School Board in Alabama. Mr. Smith posted the video to his Facebook page and it’s been getting traction on the internet ever since. In the clip, Smith sings a version of the Maroon 5 song “Sugar” in a school hallway, with the lyrics changed to plead with the public for its vote in the March 1st Board of Education primary election.

While he’s not singing entirely in tune, Smith gets extra points for ending the video by doing the Dab with three of his kids, who are featured holding placards reminding everyone to vote for their dad. The campaign is a family affair for Smith, who makes his own signs according to his Facebook page and often appears on the campaign trail with his wife and kids in tow. Smith told WAFF-TV in Alabama that his wife was the inspiration for making the video, as she started improvising the lyrics to Maroon 5 during a car ride. He told the WAFF 48 Digital Staff in an interview:

My wife and I had been discussing doing some sort of song parody for awhile. We were riding home from a basketball game…and the ‘Sugar’ song came on and my wife starting changing words and humming along, and there it was.

Here’s hoping the other candidates step up their campaign efforts, because Brad Smith has introduced himself to the world and stated what he wants. He’s Brad Smith, vote for him. In the March 1st primaryyyy. Oh baby!

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