WATCH: Death Wish Coffee Super Bowl Commercial for Intuit Quickbooks

Death Wish Coffee, super bowl commercials


Quickbooks, the accounting software company, may not be first in your mind when it comes to big flashy Super Bowl commercials. Hoping to bring their brand to the hundreds of millions of eyeballs watching the big game today, the Intuit-affiliated firm held a contest for small businesses to create a profile showcasing their craft. Voting was enabled on the web and the business to collect the most votes would have a commercial broadcast during Super Bowl 50. The hefty sum of money for the ad would be paid out by Quickbooks, which is significant due to the price tag of a 2016 Super Bowl commercial landing at around $5 million. This is huge exposure for a small business hoping to put itself on the culture map.

New York-based java producer Death Wish Coffee won the contest. You can watch their debut Super Bowl commercial here:

The viking-themed spot features perky metaphors such as the ship sailing on dark waters, drinking “in the heart of Valhalla,” and the cries to “awaken and welcome death.” Get it? This line is followed by the camera pulling back to reveal that the ship full of riled-up rowers is sailing on a gulp of coffee entering a man’s open mouth. The coffee retails for $19.99 per one pound bag and can be ordered from Death Wish’s website.

Death Wish Coffee may have had a jittery leg up on the competition since it’s been featured in several YouTube videos and on Twitter for a couple of years. The brewer already had a passionate (or just highly caffeinated) fanbase for its “World’s Strongest Coffee” before the public was asked to vote on who should receive a free Super Bowl commercial. There was even an ABC News segment produced on the coffee’s insane caffeine content.

Death Wish beat out Vidler’s 5 & 10 in East Aurora, New York and Chubbies Shorts of San Francisco, California in the small business competition.