Funniest Videos on the Web You Need to See This Week

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Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14th. We know that you’re busy making reservations at your local White Castle and researching which gas station sells the best silk rose bouquets, but take a break from planning the best V-day ever and enjoy some you time. May we suggest watching the following funny videos? Our picks this week include dad jokes, a clip from the sketch group Dry Hump Comedy, some choice words from your favorite NFL Football players, an endorsement for the candidate Bernie Sandwiches, and advice from kids on dating. After you’ve watched the videos, vote for your favorite in our poll. Check them out below:

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth - watch more funny videos

Dry Hump Comedy brings you one of the latest trends sweeping through Hollywood: baby teeth. Fillers and face lifts are so passé when it comes to that youthful look so many women strive to regain. We regret that our parents wasted money on braces years ago, knowing we could look so much younger and hotter now with baby teeth. Dr. Oootspiel, the groundbreaking pioneer behind this procedure, is surely booked up with the Oscars mere weeks away. Look for your favorite stars to hit the red carpet sporting their sexy new mouth nubbins.

Bernie Sandwiches

In this segment from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Stephen pokes fun at MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes, who mistakenly referred to Bernie Sanders, the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic primary, as “Bernie Sandwiches.” We all make mistakes. Megyn Kelly of Fox News called him “Bernie Sandals” on the same evening. The blooper made by Hayes is funnier though, and the internet erupted in tasty memes.

Colbert took the sandwiches joke and ran with it, bringing out every delicious variety you could think of to tie in with Senator Sanders in a punny way. Luckily, Chris Hayes was able to laugh it off and not get hangry.

Talk or Text?

An affable Canadian named Dave Keystone talks to kids about whether you should call or text someone early on in the dating process. It’s part of a new YouTube series from Canoodle Content where Dave seeks advice from kids on the art of romance. It could get creepy, but somehow doesn’t. Probably because they’re all sweet, genial Canadians. In America, Chris Hansen would be asking the Dave equivalent to have a seat over there. The kids vary in age but are all wise beyond their years, and come up with some very funny answers on what to say to a person you like and whether it’s better to talk to them on the phone or via text message. They appear to be filming this at a summer camp, begging the question of whether or not this activity was included in the brochure. Thankfully, Dave does not introduce the children to Tinder.

‘NFL 2016: PART TWO’ – A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

Nothing we could say about Part Two’s Bad Lip Reading for the NFL would convey the message more eloquently than the football players themselves. It’s the perfect segue to go from the really smart children’s thoughts on dating to Adrian Peterson appearing to tell the sideline reporter she has breath like a dead rabbit. He probably should have just texted that.

Dad Jokes

This video was uploaded to YouTube back in December, but began making the rounds this week. Dad has found the best audience to test out his new comedy routine, and it’s his completely adorable daughter Bea. He doesn’t even get to the punchline before Bea is in hysterics. Dad jokes are usually groaners, and even President Obama is guilty of them. We think Bea makes this one totally worth it.

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