Funniest Videos on YouTube You Need to See This Week

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Welcome to our weekly compilation of hilarious videos from YouTube and around the internet. Music plays a big part in this week’s clips. We also have news bloopers, a history lesson (stay with us), the wedding toast to end all wedding toasts, and a long-awaited short from the BriTANick guys. Watch the videos below and then vote for your favorite. Hey, you need a break from watching all those pre-released Super Bowl 50 commercials, hang out here for a while. We won’t try to sell you a car!

Newscaster Crack Up

Hilary Barry, a newsreader from New Zealand who works for Newshub, was reduced to a puddle of giggles during her on-air reading of a story that could definitely be filed under “Weird News.” While trying to report on a Malaysian military official who was arrested for using a woman’s porch as his own personal toilet, Hilary had trouble recovering after speaking the phrase “emergency defecation situation.” Who can blame her? Her co-hosts on RadioLive, including Paul Henry, were also left in hysterics. Unfortunately, Hilary had to carry on into the next story, which was of a much less humorous nature. The poor woman can barely get through a report on a deadly plane explosion and loses it again when describing a passenger getting sucked out of the airplane. She manages to eek out in a sing-song voice while wiping the tears from her eyes, “Today could be the day I lose my job!”

New Zealand has voiced its support of Barry for this situation. Barry is known for her sense of humor and is often called upon to report slightly odd news. Here’s one of her recent tweets:


Maid of Honor Raps ‘Ice Ice Baby’

Check out our new BFF rapping her Maid of Honor speech to the classic tune from that timeless crooner of love ballads, Vanilla Ice (or to the backbeat from “Under Pressure,” depending on where your loyalties lie). Hayley O’Brien, the bride, posted this video to YouTube. She also thoughtfully included the brilliant lyrics that her sister Rachel came up with to personalize “Ice Ice Baby” for the happy couple. Here are some sample lyrics from the video’s description on YouTube:

Yo wedding guests let’s kick it
Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby

Alright stop grab your drink & listen
We’re all here for a wedding convention
Something grabbed a hold of them tightly
H & Paul both daily & nightly
Will it ever stop, erm No
They’re a perfect couple with the love they show
To the extreme h is hot like a candle
Paul’s laid back so its easy to handle
Dance we’re going to tear up the room
Drink & be merry for the bride & groom
Bob the dogs like their kid
Once he even shit out forty quid
Love it or hate it pobs always in the gym
He trains like a beast just ask our Kim
If there was a problem they can solve it
Pass H the wine she’ll always involve it

Paul & Hayley
They’re married baby
Paul & Hayley
Check out her ice ice baby

History of Japan

This simply-styled yet extensively researched video created by Bill Wurtz breaks down the history of Japan with humor, graphics, and surprisingly soothing fonts. The Department of Education should commission Bill to take over the school system in the US and produce videos on major topics from our history books. We’d all learn a lot more.

Check out Bill’s other videos and his random musings on Twitter and his website. Wurtz usually records shorter clips and songs, which makes this video that much more impressive.

Deputy’s Whip Nae Nae

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office displayed the lighter side of law enforcement by uploading this video to their Facebook page. Deputy Tony Scherb was retiring after 29 years on the job and went out with a whip and a nae. Crime must be down in Colorado Springs, Colorado if the entire department had the time to make this “hidden camera elevator footage” set to Silento‘s “Watch Me.” The video is obviously staged, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Scherb’s “stanky leg” is on point. Criminals who were apprehended thanks to Deputy Scherb must be watching this now and scratching their heads thinking, “THIS is the guy who put me away?”

Your move, Sheriff’s Office of El Paso, Texas.

‘The Foul Line’

BriTANick is what young comedians Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney call themselves when performing and uploading videos together. It’s pronounced like “Titanic.” They have a solid fanbase from their live performances and YouTube channel, but haven’t posted much for a while. That changed with the above video, co-starring Stephen Root. If you’ve wondered ever what goes through an athlete’s mind when they are standing on the foul line during a basketball game and gearing up to make that fateful shot, Nick and Brian have your answers.

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