WATCH: Heinz ‘Wiener Stampede’ Super Bowl 2016 Hot Dog Commercial

Put down that cocktail weenie you’re about to eat at your Super Bowl 50 party. Behold hundreds of dachshunds wearing tiny hot dog costumes, running joyfully through the fields. They’re making a beeline for a row of people dressed as Heinz products while Harry Nilsson‘s ballad “Without You” plays. When the hot dogs meet the ketchups, it’s love at first sight.

Heinz is pitching their “Meet the Ketchups” marketing campaign in order to raise consumer awareness of their flavored ketchups, mustards, and barbecue sauces. They want you to know that they make more than just traditional tomato ketchup, and they’re willing to pay CBS almost $5 million to do so. Using the tried and true combination of humor and cuteness in Super Bowl commercials, Heinz succeeds here because no one can resist one adorable little wiener dog, much less a stampede of them.

Heinz goes for the “awww” factor even harder with a toddler dressed like a mini ketchup packet and a wee little wiener puppy running with the big boys. The commercial definitely seems to be among the most-loved ads of this year’s Super Bowl so far.

Watch the extended cut of the ad here:

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