WATCH: Key & Peele Squarespace Super Bowl Livestream & Commercials

Web service Squarespace is returning to the Super Bowl marketing game with their campaign featuring comedic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Key and Peele, whose eponymous Comedy Central show ended its run last September, are playing fictional sportscasters named Lee and Morris in a bunch of teasers and commercials. They will also be providing live commentary on Super Bowl Sunday through their made-up show “Real Talk.” Not during the CBS broadcast, mind you, but from a website provided by Squarespace. Check out the official commercial above where they discuss their passion for sports commentating and…successes.


Squarespace may not be the first company that comes to mind when you think “big name Super Bowl commercials.” Anthony Casalena, founder and CEO of Squarespace, understands this, and hopes to change it. He tells Fortune:

“We really are super confident that our product is absolutely the best out there right now and it comes down to an awareness game. We want to see recall around Squarespace to go up. We want people to have heard of us.”

If that hasn’t already happened from the release of these ads starring Key and Peele, it should happen on Sunday both during and after their livestream. Kickoff time for Super Bowl 50 is 6:30pm EST. You can begin watching the livestream of “Real Talk” here at 6:00pm EST. The livestream should be very interesting, not just because Key and Peele are hilarious in character as Lee and Morris. But also because they are bound by strict NFL rules to not talk about anything NFL Football-related. That, uh, limits their topics significantly for hours of commentary running in tandem with the Super Bowl. Notice in the below teaser that Lee refers to it as “the game.”

If they’re not allowed to talk about NFL Football, or even use the phrase “The Super Bowl,” what sports will they be discussing? Possibly no sports at all from the looks of the second teaser below, but they’re going to “do it anyway.” Squarespace must be preparing to have its legal team on standby on February 7th should Key or Peele slip up and use a forbidden word.

Key and Peele discuss the sartorial sacrifices they’ve made in order to afford their beautiful new set for “Real Talk” below. Lee and Morris bring a lot of fashion flair to the Supe- to “the game” – with their fur-trimmed black and white ensembles and gold chains.

Squarespace will hopefully get that name brand recognition they are looking for after February 7th. If the NFL hasn’t sued them into nonexistence.