Mardi Gras 2016: Top 5 Easy Mardi Gras Food Recipes

Easy Mardi Gras Foods

If you were so busy planning for Super Bowl Sunday that Fat Tuesday kind of snuck up on you, no need to worry. We've got some quick and delicious recipes for you to celebrate Mardi Gras. Cajun and Creole foods are flavorful, hearty, and comforting, and they're one of the best parts of Mardi Gras (aside from the king cake).

Mardi Gras is also a social, community-based experience. Invite a few friends over or call a "Family Meal Night" and cook up some dirty rice. If you're not familiar with dirty rice, you may think I'm suggesting something odd. The rice gets called "dirty" because it absorbs the colors and flavors of the other ingredients it's cooking with in the pot. The version we bring you here uses andouille sausage but you can use another variety of spicy sausage, sub in ground beef, or go the more traditional route with chicken livers and ground pork. Click here for the straightforward recipe.

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