WATCH: Pokemon 20 Super Bowl Commercial 2016 With Easter Eggs Revealed

Pokemon uploaded their 20th Anniversary commercial, set to air during today’s Super Bowl game, back on January 25th for the whole internet to enjoy. At the time of the initial release, fans dissected every nugget of information they could glean from the ad and chatted excitedly about each millisecond of footage. Easter eggs were pointed out and discussed at length by the media and the fans.

So just what were these easter eggs? An excitable Australian named Ando from the YouTube channel UnlistedLeaf could barely contain himself when talking about the mini treasures that Pokemon’s team buried throughout the commercial and that he and other fans had spotted. Check out Ando’s video below, taking you deeper into the frames of the ad where secrets were revealed. You can also check out this list:

1. Mew is represented in graffiti on the side of a dark car as the first little boy, who is “training for greatness,” runs past. It’s a good thing Ando has pulled a screenshot and zooms in, as he points out that the graffiti depicts how to catch the character of Mew “in ancient text.” I barely remember the French I took in high school, much less ancient Pokemon texts.

2. When we meet our second child she is watching the boy running on a TV news report. The flyer under the television screen says “Learn to Surf HM03.” HM03 is the move you need to execute to surf in the Pokemon games.

3. Nidoking is one of the black chess pieces that our heroine knocks down with her skillful moves on table after table during her chess match domination.

4. The football player who catches the chess queen’s amazing moves is wearing a number 20 jersey. Well what do you know, it’s the 20th anniversary of Pokemon! The locker room segment has the most easter eggs of the commercial.

5. The football players hoist their helmets aloft, and their team logo on the side is the Volcano Badge.

6. As two players turn to leave the locker room, their jersey numbers are 19 and 96. When they walk next to each other this spells out 1996, or the year Pokemon debuted in Japan.

7. Above the locker room door as they leave, the players reach up to touch the words painted on the wall. The writing says “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Just kidding, it reads “Like no one ever was.” Fans will note that this is a lyric from the first Pokemon theme song. More specifically, “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.”

8. When we meet our next Pokemon player who can do this, he is standing in a city street reminiscent of Times Square or Tokyo. Our familiar football player’s face fills a giant screen with advertisement lighting up around him. To the left of the football player is an ad for MooMoo Milk, another hidden Pokemon gem.

9. To the right of his face is a Rare Candy in lights.

10. What is the last easter egg? Did you happen to notice that the music unceremoniously cuts off at the end of the commercial? It sounds like it wasn’t finished playing out, or that it didn’t end on a proper beat. Fans have speculated the final easter egg was the music itself. Gossip abounds that this wasn’t actually the full advertisement, and that Pokemon is going to include an exciting product announcement or some big news in the theoretical last seconds when it airs live during the Super Bowl.

When the official commercial aired during tonight’s telecast, it was a shortened version of the teaser and did not contain any additional announcements. Fans hoping that the #10 easter egg would reveal something big are sure to be left disappointed. Here’s the official ad that made it to air.